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Why Garden Hose Reels Are No-Brainers

Why Garden Hose Reels Are No-Brainers

It’s always fun for gardeners to water their plants and see them grow. However, it’s often a chore trying to rewind these hoses because you have to worry about placing them in the right volume. Also, picking them up can be messy. This is why you need a garden hose reel.

However, you shouldn’t go for just any hose reel. A good garden hose reel should reduce the chances of your hose getting tangled and hurting someone or not lasting as long as it should. You should go to https://giraffetools.com/products/retractable-garden-hose-reel for quality products.

What are the pros of using a garden hose reel? What do owners stand to gain?

Here they are

Why you should own a garden hose reel today

1. It safeguards your yard

Safety is of paramount importance. Having a garden hose reel prevents unexpected harmful events from occurring.

For instance, imagine leaving little children to roam around your yard on a sunny day. Imagine the hurt and damage that might happen if a child accidentally gets entangled or hit by the hose.

Now, some people might say that hoses are hardly injurious, but that’s not true especially when you have kids at home. They might not know its usage, so may play with it. It’s better to be safe than apologetic.

2. It protects your hose

You’d most likely use your hose during the summer, when the rains are a bit scarce. Now, everyone knows that you not only use your hose to water plants. It can also be used to wash cars and large vehicles (or even partaking in a friendly water fight).

Since it can be used in multiple ways, you must protect it and ensure that it’s in great shape. Although using a garden hose reel won’t totally guarantee its security (you have to still place it well), it can protect your hose against tangling and curling, which happens over time.

3. It looks presentable

Not only can long hoses cause potential damage to both little kids and adults alike, it can also make the house look disorganized.

Imagine walking into your friend’s house and see a curly long hose stretching from one end of the house to the other. It destroys the beauty of that yard.

When it’s kept in a reel, it is easier to control and looks neater and more presentable.

4.  Reels care for your hose

The importance of this can’t be overemphasized. When your hose is correctly placed, a lot of things are prevented. It protects the hose from extreme weather conditions, UV light rays, and any other damaging external factor.

Also, it prevents your hose from being eaten by rats and other rodents.

5. It protects your lawn

Garden Hose reels protect your lawn. How?

If you move your hose off the lawn after a week, you’d meet lots of unpleasant surprises, from the heaviness of the hose, the tiny insects and rodents that may be living underneath, to the dead spots of the grass that give your lawn a bad look.


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