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Tops Tips on How to Care For Your Rattan Furniture

Tops Tips on How to Care For Your Rattan Furniture

If you want the type of outdoor sectional seating that will provide you with utmost relaxation, the rattan furniture is your option. While purchasing the rattan furniture, you must know the basics of caring and making it look neat throughout the period you will be using it.

Further, rattan furniture is durable and can preserve the strength and color it comes with. This guide teaches you how you can easily maintain the best look of your rattan for a long time.

How to Care For Your Garden Rattan Furniture.

Here’s how you can effectively care for your rattan furniture:

1. Furniture Covers

One of the best ways to retain the beauty of your rattan furniture is by ensuring that you always cover it when it’s needed. This should include the rainy season and some months in the winter period.

Depending on the shape of your rattan furniture, you can easily get the readily available version of the furniture cover you want from manufacturers. Ideally, you should opt for garden covers that are made of polyester materials with water-taped seams and PVC backing. That’s because they are waterproof and can allow the furniture to breathe throughout the period that it’s covered.

2. Avoid Exposure to the Sun

Reducing the amount of time your rattan furniture spends under the sunlight will go a long way to determine if they will look presentable overtime or not. Just like your skin is prone to sunburn, the rattan furniture can receive the same energy from the sun.

If constantly exposed to the sun, the rattan material can get weakened. While this is most common for plastic-based or synthetic materials, rattan materials can as well suffer the same effect.

3. Turn the Chairs

Most times, there’s a part of the garden that tends to receive the most exposure to sun or unstable weather conditions than the other parts. This single factor can cause one or more furniture kept in that area to wear out more than the others. So what you should do is simply turn or rotate the affected furniture(s) out of that condition. This will help to extend their life.

4. Move the Furniture Appropriately

Because rattan furniture is usually lightweight, users have adopted the habit of picking and dropping it off carelessly. If cadre isn’t applied, the woven rattan material can get damaged. That’s why you must avoid the woven panels and only pick them up by their frames.

5. Clean Up Immediate Spills

If you make cleaning your rattan furniture up regularly a habit, you can be sure of it lasting up to 20 years or more. You must allow spilled liquids to last for more than five minutes. Make sure that there’s always a damp cloth on standby that you can use to wipe them off.


Rattan furniture is usually made out of synthetic fibers, which makes it have lots of strong and long-lasting properties. They are resistant to the weather and quite easy to maintain. But just like every other thing you may know, showing some tender loving care to your rattan furniture goes a long way to determine if it will last or not.


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