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The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Garden

The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Garden

Gardening is an act that involves the planting of flowers and seedlings. For a lot of people, it’s also a recreational activity, hence the intense desire to go into it. If you’re planning to start a garden soon, you can just download image of a garden from the internet to use as a guide. However, it goes beyond that most times.

Are you ready to know the steps involved in starting up a garden? Then stick to this beginner’s guide.

Simple Steps To Start a Garden for Beginners

1. Location

The location of your garden is the first most important thing you should think about while setting up your garden. Ideally, you should choose a spot that’s convenient enough; a place you can easily walk in and out of as often as you can. If you’re unable to see your garden clearly, you may forget about tending to it.

Also, the location should have direct access to sunlight, preferably a place that can get up to 6 to 8 hours or more of sun every day. Your location should also have a water source on standby.

2. Add a bed

For the garden bed, you can start small and then improve as time goes on. A 4 ft by 4 ft type of raised garden bed is good for a beginner level. You should also aim for a 12 to 18 inches depth while at it. Now, the good thing is that; it’s pretty easy to build and you can also grow several foods in this size of the garden bed.

While constructing it, ensure that you make it possible for you to easily reach the center of the garden bed without stepping your foot on its soil. As you grow in experience, you can improve on the size of the bed. If you can’t construct it, you can opt for large pots to start a container garden.

3. Build a Watering System

To build a good watering system, you will be needing a hose. This will be used to make an automatic watering system for easy hydration of your plant seedlings. A simple way of achieving this can be by connecting your hose bib to a battery-operated timer. The hose should be made to pass into the garden.

4. Plant What You Can Eat

It would be pointless to grow plants that you can eat after gardening. Always ensure to make a list of the important fruits and foods you love, find their seedlings and plant. Water them as often as you can to retain the moisture of the soil.

5. Invest Your Time and Energy

This is the last, yet essential thing you should take note of. When you start a garden, make sure that each morning after you wake up, you walk to your garden. The watering system should always be active and make sure that you observe the different problems your plants may be having with growth. If you’re able to spot problems on time, then you can manage the plant easily.


In the end, ensure to eat the food you grow in your garden; it encourages healthy living. Check out new seedlings you may love and plant them when you can.


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