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Ways of Taking Care of Your Braided Wig

Ways of Taking Care of Your Braided Wig

The emergence of a new trend in the beauty industry, braided wigs, has seen it grow in popularity among women, particularly of African descent and others. Billions of braided wigs are sold annually worldwide as they became the go-to style for most ladies. Their convenience, time and money-saving are unmatched. Their beauty and versatility give you many options to choose from regarding how you want to feel and look. In this, we look at ways of caring for your braided wig.

How to Care for Your Braided Wig

Braided wigs have significant benefits, but if not correctly handled, their appearance is ruined, they look terrible, and they don’t last long. The wigs may develop a foul odor, and as a lady, that is the last thing you would want. To help you avoid all these, below are tips on what you need to do.

1. Wash Regularly

Wash your braided wig depending on how often you use it and for how long. Approximately, you can do it after every week or two; however, the smell emanating from it or the dullness in its appearance will let you know when it’s time. Wash in warm water using a mild shampoo. Don’t scrub or squeeze or use hot water to avoid damaging the wig. After washing, rinse thoroughly, then hang it to dry.

2. Use Hot Water on The Tips Only

Note that braided wigs can only be dipped in hot water at the tips to seal them to avoid the possibility of unraveling. Put hot boiling water in a bowl and dip the tips for about 5 seconds. Leaving them in for too long causes damage, so ensure you time yourself for good results. You can also curl the ends using plastic rollers and putting them in hot water to achieve a different look.

3. Apply Good Quality Products

Good aftercare products are essential for wig maintenance. Mousse is great for braided wigs and should be applied immediately after washing before drying to get the desired effect. Apply a generous amount to tame the stray strands and keep them tidy after drying. This method is safe and quick. However, you can trim the stray ends or use a flame on them, but you must be careful not to ruin the wig.

4. Use an Oil Spray

Oils sprays can be used to restore the shine of the wig and enhance its luster. They make wigs beautiful and attractive by taking away the dull look would make them seem old and overused. Go for sprays that smell nice, such as sheen spray or scented coconut oil. Your wig will smell nice and mask any bad smells.

5. Invest in a Mannequin

After taking off your braided wig, avoid rolling it into a bag or a nook. To prevent wrinkles, tangling and awful smell due to dampness, place it on a mannequin or wig stand to keep it straight and aerate it. Please keep it in an open place and avoid direct sunlight.


After choosing to invest in a braided wig, take care of it well and avoid ways to ruin it, such as washing it with hot water. They are easy to maintain and should be done regularly to uphold their original look. Implementing the tips mentioned above will make your braided wigs last for a very long time and serve you well.


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