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A Guide to Maintaining a Lace Frontal Closure

A Guide to Maintaining a Lace Frontal Closure

The hair industry is one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide. Different hair trends and styles have sprung up, and many women are jumping into the wagon. Those with damaged hair or looking to diversify their looks are going for wigs such as lace frontal closure with bundles, weaves, and extensions. New installations and techniques have developed; hence you can wear hair differently depending on the effect or style you want. In this post, we discuss lace frontal closure maintenance.

What is a Lace Frontal Lace Closure?

It is a half wig that spreads across the head from one ear to the other. Typically, it comes in size 13 inches across by 4 inches from the front and requires approximately 3-4 bundles to sew it in. It is made of French or Swiss lace and is used to close off an install. The best thing about the frontal closure is you can hold the hair back or style it differently by parting anywhere at the front. For this reason, the closure is popular among women with traction alopecia and anyone with destroyed or thinning hairline. A frontal lace closure is expensive; thus, you should properly maintain it to last long and remain in good condition.

How to Maintain a Lace Frontal Closure

1. Handle it With care

The closure is usually very delicate, considering its construction differs from other hair extensions. On it, hair is knotted and secured one by one on the lace using an adhesive. Therefore, you should be gentle when handling it as the possibility of some of the hair coming off is high. Avoid scratching and instead pat your head to stop the itchiness. Lace frontal closures are human hair wigs, so when washing, avoid doing it vigorously to prevent damage.

2. Brush Gently

Brushing a closure requires patience and proper technique. Its base mimics your scalp, but you always have to remember that it’s not. Press it down or hold your roots to prevent excessive tugging. Proper brushing from the ends up ensures the hair has no tangles; hence, it lasts long and serves you better.

3. Keep Away From Excessive Heat

You can subject the lace frontal closure to heat when straightening or curling it using a curling iron or flat iron. However, too much of this damages the hair making it weak. It is possible to curl the closure without causing heat damage. There are many styling options like using rollers. Put them on your damp hair and let them stay overnight for the perfect heat-free hairdo.

4. Use Good Hair Products

The right products like sprays and oils are essential for proper maintenance. There’s a wide range of products in the market, some that are high-quality while others are fake and do not perform as they say. Avoid those with a high alcohol percentage since they are prone to damages. Seek professional advice from a hairstylist before buying.

5. Night Care

Always brush through your wig before going to bed, and ensure you wrap it using a scarf to prevent tangling and breakage. Never sleep with wet hair; let it dry first, then cover it.


Lace frontal closure can be an investment, and you should give it the proper care to keep it looking stylish. Routine maintenance helps you reap more benefits, and the process becomes effortless and straightforward. Use good quality hair products specifically made for frontal closures or have a hairstylist take care of it for you.


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