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How to Wash Your Wig without Damaging It

How to Wash Your Wig without Damaging It

Wigs are a God sent for women who are unable to have perfect hair. But we all know that while it gives you great locks effortlessly, it does require some effort when it comes to maintenance and care. So how do you wash your wig without ruining it? Here is everything you need to know about washing your wig.

Signs that you should wash your wig

Wigs that start off as virgin human hair feels so good when you first see them as bundles with closure. As time passes, the lack of natural moisture will have an effect on the quality of the hair.

When the wig starts to feel stiff or crunchy, it means it is begging you for a good wash. The wig feels this way because it is drying out.

If you sweat often or use styling products on your wig, you will have to wash your wig more often too.

How to wash your wig

Start by detangling the hair on the wig with a soft paddle brush.

Next, you should prepare the shampoo. Instead of putting it directly on the hair, mix the shampoo with cold water in a basin. Then, turn the wig inside out and let it immerse in the mixture. Swirl it around gently and then let it soak for about 5 minutes. Do not rub the hair together!

After soaking, rinse the wig gently with cold water. Make sure to start from the scalp and let the water run down to the tips. This will avoid tangles.

After rinsing, apply the conditioner to the hair directly. Leave it on the wig for at least 30 minutes before rinsing out the conditioner.

If your wig has curls, you can put them back into place by squeezing the curls from the bottom up. This will scrunch up the style back into place.

While the wig is damp, apply a tiny amount of natural oil over it for moisture.

Layout a clean, dry towel and lay the wig flatly on it. Leave to air dry completely.

As you can see, washing your wig is not as simple as taking a shower and washing your natural hair. It takes some time and extra care to do so. It is probably best that you schedule the day you give your wig a thorough washing (unless you have another wig for reserve).

And remember – do not neglect your natural hair too! Washing your wig will give your scalp and natural hair a day to breathe and rejuvenate! If you can, give your hair a thorough washing too while the wig is off!

Can you shower with your wig on?

This may seem to be a smart way to save time but the heat from the shower can compromise the bonds used to attach the hair to the wig cap. This can lead to shedding – you definitely do not want to have bald patches on your wig!

Take care of your wig the right way

Let us admit it – wigs with human hair do not come cheap! You would want them to last as long as you need them. With these tips in mind, your wig will keep looking fresh and vibrant. People will barely think that you have it on!


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