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What Does the CPAP Water Chamber Do?

What Does the CPAP Water Chamber Do?

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is a therapy instrument usually prescribed as a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

This therapy instrument is a piece of crucial equipment since it has direct contact with the air you breathe in your sleep. You may choose to use cleaning CPAP equipment or self-clean.

For those who are not sure of when and how often you are supposed to clean their CPAP, the answer may seem like a lot of work. Please follow through on it.

It is recommended that people who use the CPAP therapy equipment wash it each morning. Yes, you heard right.

You are supposed to wash each morning and let it dry and kept away from any dirt and particle to be ready for use at night.

This cleaning pattern should be done with mild soap and warm water. Users are also reminded to carry out routine checks on the equipment every month.

Do not forget that the CPAP has a water chamber. This water chamber is also part of the equipment and needs to be cleaned and properly maintained too.

What is the CPAP water chamber?

The CPAP water chamber refers to a removable container that is usually seen in the humidifier. This removable container is used to hold water in the humidifier.

The humidifier is a game-changer. The humidifier assists in the comfort of your CPAP therapy. With the humidifier, there is a positive difference in the quality of the air that goes through the machine.

The humidifier moisturizes and warms up the air for you to breathe. It works to prevent a dry nose and a dry throat.

When your throat and nose are not dry, you will be more inclined to keep your mouth closed when you sleep.

The comfort of the CPAP machine is made possible by the work of the humidifier. This comfort has also led to increased compliance to use the CPAP machine.

How can the CPAP water chamber be properly maintained?

Just like the other part of the machine, the answer to the question of how often the CPAP machine should be cleaned is daily.

Daily sounds like a stressful experience for some, yet it is not much work. Your equipment needs to be properly maintained if you wish for them to have a long service life.

To maintain your CPAP water chamber, all you have to do is empty the remaining water from the chamber each morning.

After emptying the chamber, leave it to do dry. To prevent the build-up of minerals and other organisms in the chamber as well as the tubing, you should use distilled water.

While you do all the water renewal and cleaning, remember to read the manual that came with the CPAP machine to see the manufacturer’s recommendation.

What if you need to replace your water chamber?

The water chamber is made of plastic and is prone to develop cracks over time. You may also notice discoloration, or pitted areas that are caused by the build-up of minerals in the chamber.

 The material is prone to deterioration with time just like other materials when they are used regularly. If you notice these or other unhealthy changes in the water chamber before 6 months, it is replaced.


The CPAP is an important tool in the treatment of apnea. Its regular maintenance is crucial if it is to work to full capacity.


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