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How to Extend the Life of Your Garden Hose

How to Extend the Life of Your Garden Hose

When the summer is approaching or is in full swing, that is when you can get the most from your garden. It is, therefore, necessary to water your garden regularly and this can be easily done by using a garden hose.

However, these hoses have a varying lifespan and as such, it is necessary to properly care for them to make them last longer. For example, using hose reels that can lock at any length can be a great way to properly store your hose. Proper storage, in turn, can also help extend the lifespan of your hose.

In this article, you will learn some simple tricks that can help you manage your garden hose properly and keep them functioning for a long time.

4 Simple Tricks to Maintain Your Garden Hose

1. Don’t leave your hose outside after usage

It is common for people to leave their hoses outside due to laziness, distraction, or because they simply forgot. While it might not look like a big deal, leaving your hose outside for a long period can reduce its durability and functionality. When exposed to the sun, the hose can begin to degrade and this can lead to the formation of cracks on the hose.

Additionally, when not properly stored, your hose might begin to kink. Instead of leaving your hose tangled, you can get a hose reel. This will help reduce kinking and will make storage easier. So, always remember to return your garden hose to a designated spot each time you are done using it.

2. Always remember to coil your hose up

Keeping your hose safe isn’t the only thing you need to do to extend its lifespan. You also need to coil it properly before storage. A great way to get this done is by using hose reels as they can help you wind and unwind the hose.

If you do not have hose reels, you can also use pots or brackets to coil your hose. Doing this can help prevent kinking, cracking, as well as wear and tear. Always remember to coil your heavy-duty garden hose properly as this will minimize the damage to the hose.

3. Never forget to drain water from the hose

You must drain the water completely from your hose when you are done gardening. This can help prevent freezing and other damages. Another reason why you always drain the hose is that there might be pressure inside the hose when the water was turned off.

When the pressure remains for an extended period, it can lead to stretching and cracking of the hose. If you always remember to carry out this simple task you will be able to prevent unnecessary issues with your garden hose.

4. Try not to drag the hose when using it

To ensure that your hose lasts longer, you should never drag the hose. Although it might seem like a convenient option to drag the hose by the nozzle, it does a lot of damage. It can cause leakage over time. Hence, always remember to gently pull the hose rather than dragging it by the nozzle.


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