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Your Guide For Hose Reel Maintenance

Your Guide For Hose Reel Maintenance

Retractable hose reels are the easiest to use and most convenient type of hose reel on the market. They are known for their spring mechanism, which allows the hose reel to rewind onto the reel automatically. All you have to do is release the lock mechanism and release the hose. While these hose reels are incredible, this does not mean that they are immune to issues. A lot of problems are bound to arise when you are using a retractable hose reel. For this reason, maintenance of this product is essential. Therefore, this post will be discussing retractable hose reel maintenance.

How to maintain a retractable hose reel

Below is a guide on how to maintain various components within a retractable hose reel;

1. The cabinet

This is the part that hosts all other elements of the hose reel. Maintaining this component starts with a diagnosis of issues. You can do this by examining the case to see if there are any problems. When doing this, you should be checking to see if there are any missing screws that you need to replace or lose ones that need tightening. You should also check if the mounting bracket is tightened correctly.

In addition to the problems above, you may notice some severe issues that may warrant repair to be made to the cabinet. Regardless, it would help if you checked the cabinet often to ensure that there are no issues as these problems would influence the entire product’s performance.

2. The fittings

According to research, the most popular hose reel problems result from improper seals on the joints. The hose and other connectors are usually connected with a small flat component known as a washer. The washer is a tiny component that often gets lost. They also tend to get compressed with time. This may affect the functioning of the hose reel. Therefore, it would help if you checked the fittings often when practicing maintenance. Several stores offer hose reel replacement fittings that you can purchase if you notice any issues with the ones on your device.

3. The hose

The hose and the reel often work hand in hand. Without the hose, the reel is entirely useless. On the other hand, without a hose reel, the garden hose is prone to damages, leaks, kinking, and improper storage. Therefore, if there is an issue with the hose, it can affect the entire system. Thus, a significant part of maintaining a hose reel is ensuring that the hose is functioning correctly. You can detect issues with the hose when you notice leaks in the system. More often than not, the answer to this issue is getting a new hose and replacing the one on the reel.


Conducting repairs and replacement in the garden hose reel system is easy. This means that you can do it as a DIY project. However, it would help if you seek advice from professionals. You can contact the hose reel manufacturer and seek assistance or visit a physical store. Doing this will ensure that you do not cause more harm to your system.


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