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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Prefab Container Home

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Prefab Container Home

Modern architecture hasn’t made things much easier than they are now!

Prefab container homes are here to solve housing problems in our society. It fits perfectly into the concept of future homes. It aims to fuse housing, automation, and artificial intelligence to create the right environment for people to live in. It combines both durability, luxury and flexibility into one package.

What could be better than this?

If you have no idea of what prefab container homes are, they are simply homes made from steel containers that are meant for shipping. Therefore, they are water-resistant, durable, and most especially, moveable. Prefab container homes are known by various names: mobile homes, trailers, residential caravans, etc.

It is affordable, its construction is not affected by weather, very flexible, and can be moved from place to place, depending on how many containers you are using.

If this idea appeals to you, here is the ultimate guide to buying a prefab container home:

  • Choosing the land:

One of the advantage mobile homes have over traditional homes is that you do not have to worry about the house rent. You only have to worry about leasing the land.

This might be easy if you have an agreement with the landowner who is either a friend or relative. But if you aren’t lucky, you have to come to favorable terms with him/her.

Secondly, do not buy land in an area without knowing legal laws guiding land ownership there. You need to know the local regulations, property tax payments, permit requirements, building restrictions, etc.

  • Container water tightness:

Containers are made from steel that was originally designed to carry cargo above water, so they are water-resistant. They resist flood effects better than their conventional counterparts. That is why most of them come with heavy-duty doors.

Although most of these sealed doors are tested before sales, there are still some measures you can take to protect its tightness. Ensure that the doors are tightened and well-sealed, and the windows are pretty high above the potential flood line.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, ensure you test these things. That is why our prefab container homes are second to none.

Finally, do not buy a container that is already showing signs of extensive corrosion.

  • Home design:

This is an extremely important factor to note. Before buying prefab containers, you should ask yourself the purpose of the building, and the design you want. If it’s a residential home, decide the size of each compartment (living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.).

If you have kids, decide the size of their bedrooms, and you may want to consider very colorful containers to appeal to them. These choices will determine the number of containers you’re going to buy. If you want an office or workspace, determine the number.

However, note that the higher the number of containers used, the greater the difficulty in transportation. You may have to spend more.


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