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Learning STEM through Magnetic Tiles

Learning STEM through Magnetic Tiles

STEM development in kids is highly valued in every school. As early as pre-school, toddlers are exposed to STEM games and toys. One of the best toys that your child can be exposed to until they grow up to their elementary years is a set of magnetic tiles for kids. A lot of teachers consider this to be a great STEM educational toy because of all the learning opportunities that children can get from it.

What is STEM and Why Does It Matter

STEM is a term that refers to the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. This is a term came up by the National Science Foundation.

We now live in an era where science and technology is important. This means that scientific and technical skills are highly valued in the work force. Exposing your children to STEM as early as possible prepares them not only in school but for their future careers.

For children, it is important to cultivate an environment where curiosity and inquiry is welcomed. This will give children opportunities to learn and explore.

How is magnetic tiles related to STEM?

Playing with magnets and the challenge of building something with the tiles provide an opportunity for both fun and learning.

For Science, kids can learn how magnets work as they put the pieces together. You can also incorporate biology and environmental science while playing by letting the kids design plants, flowers, or animals.

For Technology, you can open up a discussion on what technology or devices uses magnets and how they are being used.

For Engineering, children learn the engineering basics of structure and design as they start to build their creative work. They learn about balance, shapes, and coordination as they try to make their structures work and turn their imagination into a reality.

For Math, children can easily learn the concepts of addition and subtraction as they play with the magnet tiles. They get to count the pieces, practice the concept of stacking, and know which shapes and size go together.

Balancing out with creativity

Playing with magnet tiles is not all about hard-core learning for your kid. A majority of it is also about creativity. So, basically, this toy is a very balanced learning opportunity where both sides of the brain will be exercised and developed.

Your kid will never be bored with their magnetic tiles since every playing session means a new creation. It is not a repetitive task that could easily bore them once they have tried everything. Since they are creating, the possibilities are endless.

You do not only get to have your kids practice their creativity but they also get to develop critical skills like hand to eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving.

It is never too early to think of your children’s future. By the time your kids will graduate from college and start pursuing their careers, there will be a high demand for STEM-related careers thanks to the technological and scientific advancements. This is why a lot of schools are placing a major focus on these subjects to ensure that students will be able to fit into these careers.


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