Home Lifestyle A guide to choosing the best travel router

A guide to choosing the best travel router

A guide to choosing the best travel router

Internet connectivity has become a crucial part of our daily life not only at home or at the office but also when traveling. Work still happens even when traveling but it can only be possible with a fast internet connection.

Now that is where a travel router comes in. it connects you securely to the internet, whether it is in your hotel or public Wi-Fi.

However, how do you go about choosing the best travel router to suit your needs? Find out below.

Good Browsing Speed

Travel routers come with different speed capabilities. But then again what you need is one that can offer you the best speeds to comfortably undertake your work while traveling. Travel routers with speeds of above 300mbps are highly recommended.

With good speeds, you should be able to perform basic functions such as emailing, downloading and uploading files, and video conferencing.

Ideal Network Coverage Strength

Slow internet can inconvenience you when it comes to accessing files online or performing online tasks. Bear in mind, different places have different internet connectivity strengths. Consequently, you need a router that will offer you excellent network coverage even when you are traveling to areas with poor network connectivity.  

Additionally, the best travel router to choose is one that will allow you to change across different network modes (2G, 3G, and 4G) as per your travel location’s network connectivity.

Storage Capacity

If you happen to work on big projects that generate large amounts of data having an extra storage capacity becomes essential. Since you are traveling, you need not carry a lot of items, and having a router with an inbuilt router storage capacity will come in handy.

 You will be able to store your documents on it and access them easily without any hassle during your travel. The router’s storage can serve as a backup to your other external storage devices.


Portability is a crucial factor when selecting a good travel router. Generally, routers come in different shapes and sizes, however, the best ones are those whose size allows for easy portability. Since you are traveling, you do not want to be carrying with you a big sized router.

What you need is something portable and pocket friendly that you can carry subtly in your pocket and walk around with on your travel. Portable and pocket-friendly routers offer the ultimate personal experience.

Battery Backup

Imagine traveling to a place with no or interrupted power supply.

Therefore, choose a travel router that comes complete with its power bank. This way should you experience power interruption and your router is low on power, you can recharge it while you continue using it.

Multiple User Device Connection Capability

Routers come with different device standard connection capabilities. Some allow for one user device connection while others can allow for the connection more user devices. Therefore, if you are tagging along with friends or family members on your travel, ensure you go for a router that allows the connection of more devices.

Another important feature to look out for is Ethernet ports that will allow you to connect your router to other electronic gadgets or share your network with other people.  


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