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What are disposable face masks?

What are disposable face masks?

With the advent of this current virus called “COVID 19,” a lot of medical professionals have insisted on the importance of wearing a face mask. Currently, there are no vaccines to help cure this virus which is why taking preventive measures are seriously advised. Daily, the news media express the need to thoroughly washing our hands with soaps and alcohol-based sanitizers. But in situations when we are to leave the comfort of our home, it is necessary to always have a disposable face mask.

You may be wondering why they are called disposable face mask but the truth is not far fetched. They are referred to as disposable face masks because they shouldn’t be used for eternity. If possible it should not exceed 24 hours and yet this can still be adjusted.  Those in the medical field use this face mask to cater for individuals with diseases like bacteria or airborne diseases. As soon as one patient is catered for, it is important to wash hands with soap before disposing of it.

Precautions to be considered when disposing of face mask.

Disposable face masks are not to be disposed of recklessly. If possible, it is advisable to get a thick paper bag, insert the face mask before disposing of it. This is important to avoid re-use by other individuals. Unfortunately in our world, all fingers are not equal and this has led to the spread of more bacteria and airborne diseases. It is very important to dispose of off effectively so as not to be used by another individual.

The technique needed when removing a disposable face mask.

There are no cumbersome procedures required when pulling off a face mask. Before removing ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed or sanitized. Make sure it is removed through the back and there should be no contact with the front. Cultivate a habit of always using one face mask for a single patient and dispose of it properly when done.

Both the surgical face mask and the N95 are not to be worn for more than 24 hours. Although the N95 gives more fitting than the surgical mask, both are still to be disposed immediately after use. Always ensure there is no discomfort when wearing this mask. If your nose and mouth are not properly covered then the purpose of wearing a face mask may be defeated.

Where to purchase a good disposable face mask.

Today there is a lot of face mask trending in the open market. It is now a worldwide business and this has led to the production of many fake ones. Getting a disposable face mask from a certified distributor is highly important. At Huana Medical, you can get your personal face mask at a very affordable rate. It can be easily adjusted to your convenience.

You can be safe and assured that our face mask will provide the best remedy needed to survive the ongoing pandemic that exists globally.


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