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Buying a Notebook You Are Satisfied With

Buying a Notebook You Are Satisfied With

Notebooks (know more) come with several advantages. With the best writing notebooks, there is so much you can achieve. 

You can either buy a custom notebook or any of the other good exercise books on the market. They will not just help you organize your life and business, they will do a lot more. In this post, we will show you the factors you need to consider before buying a notebook.

Factors to consider in buying a notebook

Just like every other item, there are certain factors you need to consider before you buy a custom notebook. It is important that you get the best writing notebooks for your purposes. If you don’t, then the purpose of buying the book is defied.

To help you get the good exercise books, here are some factors to consider.

Journal size

What kind of journal do you want to keep? This will go a long way to determine the size of the notebook you will be buying. If you want a daily journal that you can carry around, then a pocket-sized notebook is your best choice.

These ones are mostly small and slim, portable enough to slip into your pocket or purse. On the other hand, if you want an office organizer, then you should choose something bigger. Check out the dimension chart below to help you.

Type of journal Size in mm
Micro 70 x 90 mm
Mini95 x 140 mm
Midi120 x 170 mm
Slim90 x 180 mm
Ultra180 x 230 mm
Grande210 x 300 mm

To find the best size for you, you may need to make use of a couple of journal sizes. 


Binding quality

Binding quality is what determines the overall build of your notebook. It is, therefore, determined by what you expect your notebook to be in terms of build. If you want a book that is sturdy and finely constructed, you should seek a notebook with top-quality binding.

This kind of notebook is perfect for trips as you are not scared that the pages will fall out easily. You should also consider whether you like your notebooks to lay flat when you write. Some people are fine with a notebook being open, they don’t need it to be flat.

If you don’t fall into their category, then you should look out for notebooks that you don’t need to hold down. Another issue about bind quality to consider is the spine of the book. Do you want one that is stitched or you prefer one held with pins?

The ones held together by stitches are always more beautiful, when you visit a library, you’d see samples. You also have the notebooks held together by a coil. If you are left-handed, you may not enjoy writing in a coil-bound notebook. This is because your hand will most likely rub against the rings as you write. 


Cover design

The beautiful cover design is one of the trademarks of the best writing notebooks. Before you buy a custom notebook, you should look out for the cover design. It is one of the factors that will determine whether you will be attracted to your notebook or not.

The cover design of an exercise book may be subtle and simple or it may be elegant and ornate. It all depends on what inspires the user. If you are inspired by colors when you write, then you should consider an ornate design.

However, if minimalist designs turn you on, it is best to stay with simple designs. In essence, there is nothing like the perfect cover design for good exercise books. It all depends on your preferences.


Paper quality

While some writers are open to using notebooks with any kind of paper, others prefer quality paper in their notebooks. If you are not keen on the type of paper you will be writing on, you may skip this factor.

However, if you want high-quality paper, then you should ensure that the paper has a smooth finish. Each page should also feature high opacity such that what is written on the front can be seen behind. Even though this occurs, the writing on each side must remain legible which means there must be no feathering.

Feathering is the result of the spreading of ink over the page when you write. Your paper quality goes a long way to determine the kind of pen you will use. A quality fountain pen should be used with the best writing notebooks. 



This is the last factor you should consider before you buy a custom notebook. Again, not everyone is keen about closure. Some people just want to have good exercise books to write in. 

For others, any exercise book without a classy closure is not quality. The main types of closures you have are:

  • Metal clasp
  • Elastic band
  • Magnetic clasp

You cannot deny that some clasps are more attractive than others. Ultimately, the type of clasp you choose depends on what you like or what appeals to you. The whole idea is that the closure should keep your book secure and closed. 

Are you in the habit of keeping items that can fall out in your notebooks? If your answer is yes, you should get a notebook with a strong closure. With metal, closures come magnets. The challenge with these is that the magnet may wear out with time. 


Benefits of a good notebook

Like we said earlier, notebooks come with several benefits. It all depends on how well you can milk them. Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy from using a good notebook:

  • It helps to keep you organized as you can keep records of events and appointments easily.
  • They keep you inspired. 
  • Notebooks are the perfect storehouse for your creative ideas.
  • Notebooks will always be appreciated as gifts.
  • Handing out promotional notebooks will boost the status of your brand.


Certain factors determine which notebooks are the best writing notebooks for any individual. We have shown you a few factors to consider before you buy custom notebooks. Finally, we added a few benefits of using good exercise books. If you have any demand for custom notebooks, welcome to inquire us at zigpac.com.


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