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The Invaluable Uses and Applications Of Linear LED Lighting

The Invaluable Uses and Applications Of Linear LED Lighting

In the lighting world, linear LED lighting is a term used in commercial interior design. But most people do not comprehend the meaning of this word. In this article, we disintegrate the concept by defining it candidly and providing you with insight into how linear lighting should be used to transform cool offices into extraordinary ones.

First, we should discuss LEDs. This is the short term for Light Emitting Diode, a practical yet long-lasting light source that utilizes a semiconductor in converting electricity to light. Typically, when the light applies a specific voltage to the leads, the existing electrons can easily recombine with any electron holes within the device, thereby releasing energy in the form of light. Usually, the color of the LED light is determined by the semiconductor’s energy. Let us discuss the history of indoor LED lighting.

LED lighting was launched in 1962. At first, it was utilized as a major practical component, specifically in electrical items, including warning lights. Initially, the early LED lighting was intensely limited to the low-intensity infrared light, including the ones still being used in the powering of the black screen where red numbers often appeared when a button was pressed.   The light that appeared at first seemed limited to red. Over the years, the modern LED lighting is known to be visible with infrared wavelengths. They can also be exceptionally bright.

But what is LED linear lighting? Simply put, this is a collection of LED lighting packaged together in a narrow housing to create light. The concept has revolutionized since the inception of the LED lighting. Before the conception of this lighting, large spaces, including offices as well as warehouses, were tricky. They were lit using large incandescent bulbs.

Linear LED Lighting

Over the years, linear lighting evolved. Fluorescent lights were primarily used in lighting industrial spaces and home garages. This created the need for lower electricity costs, not just in homes but in commercial spaces. The improved looks occurred in 2000 when the version of Linear LED lighting was launched.

Today, Linear LED lighting is used in several areas. The demand for this lighting has grown. The technology used to create it has also broadened in several ways. For that reason, the industry is still evolving. More users are investing in the linear LED lighting for outside use.  


There are certain essential things we would like you to know about the regulations around LED linear lighting. They include the fact that glaring from these lights may cause eyestrain coupled with migraines. It is, therefore, crucial to reducing your glare within the environment. Other than that, it is vital to note that our customers appreciate the host of benefits provided by the LED linear lighting, including its aesthetics.

Here, the point is only vital if looks are fundamental to you. The LED linear lighting offers a substantial yet massive amount of light for creating a unique, eye-catching design. Directional lighting, on the other hand, reduces the demand for reflectors as well as diffusers that can help trap light.


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