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Methods for Installing Your Bathroom Vanity

Methods for Installing Your Bathroom Vanity

Other than the kitchen, bathrooms provide the best return on money invested in a renovation project. That said, one of the easiest ways to successfully update the look of your bathroom is to replace your vanity, sink, faucet, as well as countertops. Just for a few thousands of dollars, you can easily make the bathroom look like a million bucks! This article is all about a guide on how to renovate your bathroom vanity. Vanity Sydney shares insight on the same. Let us take a look at the basics, shall we?

Vanity Basics  

As we stated in our previous series of vanities, they always come in two dominant styles- the vessel and cabinet style. Once you have purchased the one you prefer, you should carefully cut the box open and follow instructions within the carton to make sure that you do not damage the finishing of the cabinet. All too often, when you purchase a vanity kit, it will have the base cabinet and the countertop coupled with a sink. These features are entirely distinct from the cabinet. There could also be a unique backsplash piece. Remove the entire packing and then place the sink unit upside down. This should be on your carpet or a soft surface that can protect it.

Let us have a look at the tools and materials you shall need for installation

  • A drill with a couple of screwdriver bits
  • A pencil
  • Silicone caulk
  • A gauge with a small profile
  • A couple of wood shims
  • A tape measure
  • Coping saw
  • A stud finder
  • Wood shim
  • Wallboard screws

Locating your stud walls- this should be the second step in the entire procedure- your vanity should be firmly anchored to the walls as well as studs. To achieve this, the first step needs to be finding the best position of the studs within the walls behind the cabinet of the vanity. Use a stud finder in locating one wall stud within the walls. Mark the circumference of the stud. You should then repeat this process to locate the second stud. If your vanity is boxed in a sidewall, then you can as well find the wall studs within the sidewalls.  

Attaching the Vanity

  • Step 1

Begin by marking the height of the vanity base cabinet at the back of the wall. You should also mark the sidewall, especially if you have a unique corner installation. If the dimension is provided in the manual, then you need to measure the cabinet and then use the size. If a dimension has not been given in the manual, then you can measure the cabinet and then use that dimension.

  • Step 2

Immediately you have marked the height off; you should place the vanity into position. If your vanity is anchored to the back of the wall, then ensure that you’ve positioned the cabinet in a way that the vanity top will also have an equal overhang on both sides. Here, you should test fit that countertop to determine this. When the vanity is in position, you can use a primary level to make sure that the shims are driven under the cabinet to level it.

  • Step 3

Ensure that you have secured the cabinet by anchoring it on the wall using a 2-inch wallboard screw driven into the mounting strip at the back of your cabinet.

  • Step 4

In this step, you should be preparing for the filler strip. Where your cabinet is positioned against your sidewall and thereby leaving a gap, you will need to carefully measure and then cut a small strip to fill in the gap. This can involve shaping your filler strip for it to fit into the baseboard. You first need to cut filler and then later on scribe the baseboard’s profile on the strip. Go ahead and cut out the profile in such a way that the filler strip can fit perfectly into space.

  • Step 5

It is important to fasten the sides of the vanity even though most of the time, this step is usually omitted. Secure the cabinet and then finally mount the vanity. There you have it! With the steps we have outlined above, you can quickly secure your vanity.


As with any other form of home investment, a warranty is essential when it comes to making sure that the manufacturer of the vanity if honest with the quality of the product. Therefore, while not every vanity comes with one, you need to rest assured that you can read its fine print before anything else.



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