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10 Steps to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

10 Steps to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers make every moment you spend on their page worth it. They have the most traffic generated from their page as lots of people listen to and connect with them daily. This way, they can influence the decisions of a group of people with their opinions. While becoming an influencer is deliberate, most celebrities naturally became influencers due to their substantial pre-existing fan base. As an individual aspiring to become an influencer, these steps below can help you:

10 steps to become a social media influencer

  1. Be confident

Build your confidence before trying to build a name. This is because of the challenges you might encounter. You can develop confidence by acquiring information on what to expect. Also, your motive for becoming an influencer plays a crucial role in your progress.

  1. Choose a niche

This is a defining action for your journey to becoming a social media influencer. Choosing a niche will help you find focus and passion for the journey you are undertaking. It also gives you a target audience. You can pick a niche from the things that drive your interest.

  1. Choose a platform

The next step is to decide which social media platform you would like to build on. This is dependent on your niche and your target audience. The platform you choose can be dependent on how comfortable or proficient you are for it.

  1. Decide on a content strategy

A content strategy is a technique you can employ to reach many people and make a name. It is normal to notice a content pattern on a top influencer’s wall. You will avoid making random posts with a defined strategy and never feel stranded deciding what to upload.

  1. Create authentic and valuable content

To attract and keep followers, you must create valuable content. Not all your content must be authentic, though keeping it original can help you get more people looking in your direction and even earn you a famous follower. You can offer information that has a monetary value for free.

  1. Be consistent

Becoming a social media influencer is a tasking process. It requires time and consistent efforts. With many people hoping to be seen or heard on social media, people may never notice your efforts if you are inconsistent.

  1. Engage with your audience

When you have caught anyone’s attention, try not to lose it. Keep your audience engaged and aware of your presence by liking, replying, commenting, and even reposting their opinions. You should also prompt them to take specific actions that can grow your portfolio.

  1. Build social networks

With one famous follower, you can earn many other followers. However, getting such a follower without knowing one personally would require lots of interactions. As an upcoming influencer, you must socialize with other influencers. This is a faster way to build capacity on social media.

  1. Keep track of your progress

Thankfully, social media platforms have made provision for users to analyze their progress based on the number of follows, profile visits, saved posts, and other insights. If you are hoping to become a top influencer, it is wise to use tracking tools available on the platform to evaluate your progress.

  1. Have backup plans

Backup plans can include running a blog or website and building an email list. These are methods of maintaining long term relationships. With an email list, you are sure not to lose your crowd even though your feed is down. You only have to keep these premium followers engaged by creating content that will keep them interested.


Becoming a social media influencer takes more than buying likes and followers. Thus, it implies having a group of people who regard and accept your opinions. With these ten steps listed above, you can build yourself to become an influencer.


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