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What is the Best Lipstick Color for You?

What is the Best Lipstick Color for You?

As far as selecting the right lipstick color is concerned, there is a need to keep your skin type in mind. Remember that there are no certain rules on what to wear to match the lipstick colors. However, there is a need to take into account lipstick that suits your skin tone.

Since the skin tone is quite important when determining the lipstick color, you need to know it. Also, it is critical in determining the foundation to use. Moreover, it can help you determine the right outfit for you. Knowing how to determine your skin tone needs skills. Experts recommend nude lipstick for dark skin and satin for fair skin. There are different tips, but they may not work well.

At first, the skin may be brown or beige. In fact, it can get more complex as the undertone is different from your normal skin tone. The skin tone refers to whether the skin is dark or light and is dependent on the amount of melanin in the skin.

Lipstick Color for Fair Skin

You should consider lipstick colors that make the skin appear clear and healthy. Your lipstick color should not work against your fair skin. When the skin is darker, a cool undertone, taupe, and brown lipsticks can be used as nudes. In such a case, they will look extraordinary chic. Other excellent choices are magentas, drama, and blue-based reds.

Lipstick Color for Warm Undertone

When you have warm skin with a yellow appearance, you should avoid purple lipsticks. That is because purple is the opposite of yellow. As a result, getting purple tones cannot emphasize your yellow skin. On the other hand, if the skin is fairly warm, then you should consider warmer purples such as magenta and plum. These will appear vibrant, and their contrast can be flattering instead of being extreme. Ideally, brick reds, corals, even colors, and peaches look fantastic.

Lipstick Color for Neutral Undertone

Considering the skin’s neutral undertone, you can easily look great no matter the lipstick shade you try. In fact, both cool and warm-toned lipsticks will suit your balanced skin. Therefore, what you should pay attention to is the darkness level of the lipstick. Also, it can pair well with your overall look.

Lipstick Color for Olive Undertone

Olive skin is known to have blue undertones, and it is a bit green. It can either lean towards neutral or warm, and it can be quite difficult with saturated lipstick. Top lipsticks are those that have olive undertones with warm leanings. Berries, roses, and nudes can be quite pretty if they balance orange and purple.

Lipstick Color for Dark and Light Skin

The truth is that getting the right lipstick color based on your undertone is quite challenging. Therefore, you can opt to choose based on skin tone. It is advisable to get a lipstick that is darker than your real skin tone. That is because it allows the lips to stand out. Remember that lipsticks with the same skin tone level or lighter were trendy in the past. Now they are out of style.


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