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All You Need To Know About Twitter Likes

All You Need To Know About Twitter Likes

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. So far, the platform boasts more than a billion users in different parts of the world. The platform has become the venue for people to share their thoughts on current topics, politics, entertainment, and any other topic of interest. It has also become a competitive platform where people compare the number of followers, comments, and likes. In this post, we look at more info about Twitter likes.

1. Likes on Twitter

Twitter likes were previously known as favorites. They are a simple form of engagement on the platform. Regardless, they are also the most mysterious type of engagement because they don’t go as much on their own. On Twitter, there is a counter that shows you how many likes you have for each post. However, unlike other platforms like Facebook, Twitter does not show a list of people who like a post unless you click on the number of likes.

2. What happens when you like a post on Twitter?

When you like a tweet on Twitter, it appears on your list of likes. You should be able to see the list of likes on your home page. Note that other people can also see the list of tweets you have liked when visiting your page. The liked tweets appear on your page in reverse order. When you, unlike the tweet, it disappears from your list of favorites immediately. Also, when you like a tweet, the person who posted it will receive a notification. The poster’s notification will include your name. The same thing happens when you retweet or comment on a tweet.

3. How can you get a lot of likes on Twitter?

Several factors can influence the number of likes you get on this platform. Most of them apply to other platforms as well. These factors include:

  • Your number of followers- it is easier to get a lot of likesif you have many followers. Most of the time, you will see that people with a million followers get thousands of likes.
  • The quality of your engagement- the more you engage with your followers and other users on the platform, the more likes you get. Regardless of how many followers you have, you may find people with two thousand followers with zero or less than a dozen likes. This happens to people who are not as engaged on the platform. People respond to people who also respond to them.
  • Your content- the type of content you also post significantly influences the number of likes you get. You get more likes when you use elements like hashtags, the language, tone, and the content in general.
  • How active your followers are- if you have many followers who are not as active, you are likely to get fewer likes and any other form of engagement on the platform.
  • Consistency- more consistent profiles get more engagementthan people who post once in a while.


For someone new on Twitter, getting likes can be challenging. However, you have the option of buying Twitter likes. This is an easy way to gain popularity on the platform.


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