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Why Should You Switch to Huawei’s Audio Kit?

Why Should You Switch to Huawei’s Audio Kit?

Huawei has launched multiple improvements that have changed the way we look at our smartphones. Not only did they improve visual effects experience, they’ve also stepped up their game in audio effects.

Let’s take a quick look on the following improvements on Huawei’s Audiokit.

Supports not just the latest device

With Huawei’s Audio Kit, it’s surprising that the system still supports older versions like Android 6.0. If you’re still using devices that are not currently updated, you can still enjoy the benefits of Huawei’s Audio Kit.

It boasts an excellent playback capabilities

Here are the reasons why their playback is better than before:

· Huawei’s Audio Kit can play in different formats like: AAC, AMR, M4A, OGG, WAV, IMY, RTTTL, OGG and MP3.

· It has easy controls to use and enhance the audio effect such as: playback, pause/resume, play, drag progress bar, mute/unmute and previous/next.

· It automatically caches audio files and safely encrypts them.

· It also saves the user’s audio history such as playback progress and also automatically resumes the last song you played.

They care about your listening experience

Huawei has made improvements on how you can easily enjoy the audio kit without a hassle and harming your health.

· It helps the user set the volume of the audio for a healthier listening pace.

· It lets the user read content from their song playlists, save more playlists and enables the user to add or delete a new playlist.

· It helps the user to organize their listening experience through repeat list, repeat current song or shuffle play buttons.

The different ways that you can enjoy Huawei’s Audio Kit

1. Aids for Better Learning. Whether in school or online teaching, Huawei has connected with educators to help them better present learning presentations. The audio kit can be used for informative presentations that enhance better audio effects to reach out to its audience.

2. Has more Ringtones to choose from. The device users will no longer get bored of the regular ringtones from calls to morning alarm clocks. Huawei has designed numerous ringtones you could choose from with more refined sound effects.

3. Helps promote a Healthy Lifestyle. Huawei is an advocate of promoting a healthy lifestyle towards its users. To help its users to keep going and stay active throughout the day, their audio effects with the help of headphones have made even better. Users can enjoy their favorite songs from their workout playlist while keeping their heart rate high to burn more calories. The better audio you use for working out, the more it keeps a person going.

4. Gaming at its finest. Whether you’re a pro gamer or not, your gaming experience should not compromise the audio effects aside from the visuals. Huawei understands this scenario and it wants its users to enjoy their gaming experience like they are really there in the scene. 

5. Enables you to Enjoy your Favorite Songs. With Huawei’s improved Audio Kit, users can now enjoy their favorite songs or audiobook anytime, anywhere. The audio kit is easy to use with user friendly option buttons plus a protected cache that let’s you save your private playlists. 


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