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Why Inverter Swimming Pool Pumps Are Better?

Why Inverter Swimming Pool Pumps Are Better?

Unlike the regular pool pumps that operate on AC power, the new inverter technology that has been taking over the world of electronics uses DC power. What exactly is it? Well, it means when you start the compressor, you’re gradually increasing the speed until the operational speed is reached. This is the main reason that inverter swimming pool pumps, more precisely manufactured by Aquagem, are the quietest pool pump ever made.

This pool pump’s startup is ultra-quiet as no extra torque is applied to the compressor motor. A starting capacitor is not required, and thus the system reaches peak efficiency without wastage of energy. No wonder people are now more inclined towards buying inverter swimming pool pumps. 

Traditional Vs. Inverter Swimming Pool Pumps

Traditional pool pumps are still being installed in today’s world. But with a bit of innovation and an efficient approach, manufacturers like Aquagem have introduced a new inverter technology that works towards meeting all energy-saving needs. So let’s take a look at how both the types differ in their working principles and outcomes. 

Environmental Friendly

The notable difference lies in the impact of each type on the environment. Contrary to the traditional pool pump, the inverter pool pump features a variable speed of its compressor. This allows the users to alter the speed according to the load of the swimming pool. On the other hand, the speed of a non-inverter pool pump is restricted to either maximum or zero.

This feature allows the inverter swimming pool pumps to positively impact the environment as its compressor speed can detect sudden fluctuations and make adjustments automatically. This smart mechanism reduces energy consumption along with the carbon footprint, benefitting the environment.

Energy and Cost Consumption 

The compressors are not the only component on an inverter pool pump working on DC power. The fan motors also utilize this technology. Also, the compressor does not continuously operate at its full capacity.

It allows you to conserve energy as well as the expense of additional power units that you’d have to pay if you had a standard pool pump. The Aquagem inverter pool pump, in this case, is one of the best as it is 80% more energy-efficient than the non-inverter types.

Silent Operation

The Aquagem inverter pool pump produces 20 times less noise than your average pool pump. The regular pool pumps keep turning on and off every time a specific value is reached. On the reverse side, the inverter swimming pool pumps shift to low power when the target is reached to work towards maintaining the system at that point.


The hardware and technology an inverter pool pump operates on not only makes it more efficient but also a more long-lasting unit. As it consumes less electric power, the fitted components also work less, making the whole system less prone to damage. The Aquagem swimming accessories, therefore, offer a double life expectancy.

All the above-explained differences clearly show that the InverSilence technology adopted by Aquagem is no doubt the best to date.


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