Home Lifestyle Is an inverter pool heat pump good for me?

Is an inverter pool heat pump good for me?

Is an inverter pool heat pump good for me?

An inverter pool heat pump is a machine that helps to make sure your pool maintains a suitable temperature to swim during warmer periods. It is an energy and cost-efficient method of keeping a check on the pool water temperature. The primary principle of an inverter pool heat pump is to ensure the pool consistently maintains a preset temperature like the heat pumps at aquark.

Inverter pool heat pumps have essential advantages in the significant annual efficiency. They are not likely to face problems in connecting to the electrical network.

How does an inverter pool heat pump work?

An inverter pool heat pump works using the inverter technology. The inverter technology lets the compressor and fan run at different speeds. This technology allows the inverter pool heat pump to precisely match the demand from the swimming pool.

When the swimming pool temperature has reached the desired level, the inverter pool heat pump tunes down its operation to approximately a quarter or half of its maximum power. At this point, the inverter pool heat pump operates at a reduced power level. Meaning, for every one kilowatt of electricity, consumed fourteen kilowatts of heat is directed into the pool.

What is the difference between an inverter and a heat pump?

The primary difference between an inverter and a heat pump is the ability of the heat pumps to produce an immense amount of heat energy than the electrical energy consumed while working in the pool. This makes the inverter pool heat pump have heat in relation to the pool requirement successfully.

Inverter pool heat pump is considered reliable because of the complex technology that it employs. At the same time, the soft starters and microcontrollers at various times gather faults and submit them for the assessment of the machine.

How much does it cost to install a pool heat pump?

There are various types of pool heat pumps. Each of the pool heat pumps has a different installation price. The average installation price for a pool heat pump is between $3500 and $5500, depending on the type of pool heat pump that you want to install. The primary benefit of installing pool heat pumps is the enjoyment of exercising and playing in the pool.

Heating your pool heat pump will extend your swimming season, thus making you and your family spend more time in the pool. If you select a gas option, you need to pay around $4600 to install 30000 BTU on a 650 square foot pool.

Either, if you are on a budget, you may pay as low as $1350 for an electric resistance choice of 50000 BTU. The price changes depending on a variety of factors. Therefore, you may put your considerations in place to make the best choice of a pool heat pump.

An inverter pool heat pump helps you to bring the desired temperature to your pool. It would be best to choose the most suitable inverter pool heat pump while considering essential factors such as your budget. This way, you will make a rational choice and ensure you have the most suitable product for you.


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