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What are The Top PDF Editors Mac Users Love

What are The Top PDF Editors Mac Users Love

While you can view a PDF document through multiple devices across various devices, you can get the best service from a PDF reader and the PDF editors Mac. Every operating system has its own set of editors that you can use. But what do you use if you have a Mac? Here are the Top PDF Editors Mac Users Love. 

If you don’t have much time and want to perform simple edits, you can choose to upload your documents to an online editor. However, if your documents are confidential, it poses a security risk. The best option is to use a desktop PDF editing app.

But from the various options in the market, which mac PDF editor should you use? Here is a list of are some of the most preferred PDF editors by mac users.

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Having been in the industry for the longest time, Adobe Acrobat is the first go-to option for most of the mac users. Although it is one of the most costly options in the market, it carries a set of very advanced features compared to any other PDF editor.

One of its best features is its excellent OCR engine that can convert a scanned document to text allowing you to make changes. Moreover, the editor will enable you to convert your PDF document to various other formats such as Word, PowerPoint, and XML documents.

While it may be the best editor to use when handling complex editing tasks, it is not easy to use for beginners. Moreover, its high subscription costs may be off-putting.

2. PDF Expert

You can tell how great the PDF Expert is since it is one of the most recommended apps on the iOS platform from Apple editors. The application is not costly since it had only a one-time payment plan if you want to access its features.

The best part is its simple to use interface that makes it very convenient to use when editing and reading PDF files. It is one of the best software to use when going through files since it comes with a reading setting that allows you to view documents at any time of the day without applying stress to your eyes.

The app is fast to load and open documents. Moreover, it can allow you to digitally sign your documents, replace any text, and upload documents on various types of cloud storage drives.

3. PDF Element 7 Pro for Mac

The PDF Element 7 Pro is another popular editing software for mac users with handy editing features. The editor has a regular version with simple editing features that allow you to change text and include images in pdf documents.

However, you can upgrade the version by paying an additional fee for extra features that include the ability to convert forms from other office applications to PDF files. The app has an incredible OCR engine that accurately recognizes a scanned document and turns it into a fully editable PDF document.

Final Thoughts

By looking at the consideration of the most popular PDF Mac editors the above three applications top the list. They can help you deliver any editing requirements you may have. For edits that require more advanced features, you should consider using the Adobe Acrobat. However, you should be ready for an intensive learning curve before you use it.

It does not, however, mean that the less is inferior. Each editor has its strength.


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