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Tips to Shooting the Ideal Jewellery Image

Tips to Shooting the Ideal Jewellery Image

Are you looking to go into the business aspect of the personalised jewellery world? The personalised jewellery business is not entirely easy. But thankfully, it could be done online from the comfort of your home. But there is a catch, you have just about 5 to 10 seconds to wow your audience. A large majority of people make their jewellery based decisions as a result of the pictures they see. So if you want to sell the actual pieces of jewellery, you better start by selling the images. The perfect jewellery image can go a long way.

How to Get The Perfect Jewellery Image

It might not seem like much,  but getting the perfect angle of any jewellery piece is difficult. The smaller the piece. The more challenging. A majority of the online pictures for jewellery, for example personalised bracelet, have been enhanced to accentuate their finer details. The angles of the curve, the particular gem used and so many finer details are made apparent in these photographs. But for this reason, the jewellery pieces have to be handled delicately in order not to dull the shine in any way. Even something as seemingly negligible as fingerprints could ruin the entire picture. The oil on your fingers might leave behind a smudge that would be all too glaring after the shot. So to be on the safe side, try a new and neat pair of gloves.

But of course, it is not just about putting on gloves. making use of just the perfect amount of light is a very serious criterion. People love to see how the items would look in natural light. So it falls to the photographer to recreate the effects of natural light on the piece of jewellery.

The angles the shot would be taken from are also really important. You need an angle that will show off the key features of the jewellery piece or pieces. Determining this angle as well as considering other factors are just some of the more obvious challenges. Considering how critical people can be while shopping online, you do not want to make your shot look like something from a futuristic movie. Let the image be really clear and shiny, yet not too “fake” looking.  

Basic Needs for the Top Notch Jewellery Image

The first thing you would need would, of course, be a suitable camera. A camera that you know how to handle well. However, for this type of photography, there are a few other camera accessories you might need. But it all boils down to the job to be done. For the smaller jewellery, macro lenses might be needed. To nicely outline whatever vital but small detail you need the viewers to see.

However, there are two major cameras used by professional photographers. They are:

• The Nikon D3400

• The Sony SLT-A58K

Second, make sure there is nothing in the background distracting your viewers. Online viewers have limited time to view each image. Do not make the mistake of beautifying the background so much that it might be possible to neglect the jewellery while admiring or condemning the background. Also, make sure you avoid shadows.


These are just basic or beginner tips. There is much more that is required before you score that perfect jewellery image. But at least you get to start from somewhere. So check out our website to samples as well as your jewellery options. Ordering a piece which suits you is just a click away.


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