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Top Things You Need To Know About A Samurai Sword

Top Things You Need To Know About A Samurai Sword

The samurai sword is synonymous with Japan as a country in the minds of a lot of people. The making of samurai swords goes back a very long time, with the period of the Kofun domination, its most prevalent time of production and use. This Japanese sword was and is still a status symbol in some Japanese families.

At samurai sword smith, our many years of research into the history of samurai swords enables us to provide you with a number of things that make the samurai sword stand out historically.

  1. 18 months In The Making

The samurai swords that are used by participants at some martial arts events in Japan have passed the agelong process that takes more than a year. At https://www.samuraiswordsmith.com/, we make use of ‘tamahagane’, steel of high-grade that makes the katana blade very sharp. The layering process of making the steel razor-sharp and shock-resistant continues for a year and six months until the swordsmith is happy to get it polished by a sword polisher.

  1. 180 Certified Samurai Swordsmiths Today

The process of making samurai swords requires dedication and patience no doubt. This is the reason why today there are roughly 180 swordsmiths who have perfected the area of samurai swords making. This number is sacrosanct as of 2017 when a census of samurai swordsmiths was carried out by the Japanese Swordsmith Association.

  1. Five months Apprenticeship

It takes a long period for individuals to become certified samurai swordsmiths. For people who want to make a living as makers of samurai swords, they first have to work as an apprentice under a master swordsmith for five months. Thereafter, they will take part in a national certification exam over a period of eight days. The successful candidates will then have to build their reputation after been certified.

  1. Tradition Of Samurai Swords Making Remains

Japan has preserved the tradition of making samurai swords even to this day. In the historic city of Seki, an exhibition festival where swordsmiths showcase their newly crafted samurai swords is held during autumn. The exhibition festival is called Hamono Matsuri.

  1. Tokai Kai

The tradition of making samurai swords continues till today because the government of Japan established an institution in 1990 that preserved the history and craft-making process. This institution is called Tokai Kai.

  1. Patented Hamon patterns

The blades of two samurai swords are never the same. That is to say that every samurai swordsmith has its own unique pattern they use in designing the blades of their samurai swords. In Japan, this patent design pattern of the blade is called “Hamon”. This practice goes back centuries.

  1. Spiritual Exercise

The process of making a samurai sword was a spiritual journey to the swordsmiths of ancient times. It still is today. Before starting the samurai sword making process, swordsmiths are known to purify themselves through the rites of Shito. The spiritual discipline is adhered to strictly throughout the duration of making the katana.

  1. The Importance Of The Sword Polisher

The creation of a samurai sword by a swordsmith is more appreciated when the blade is polished by a competent polisher. The polisher is the expert that will make the quality of the samurai swords like the steel luster, become more visible.


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