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OEM BMW navigation upgrade for your vehicles

OEM BMW navigation upgrade for your vehicles

Do you need a navigation system for your car? Would you like to buy one to modernize your vehicle? Then have a look at the OEM BMW navigation upgrade. It not only assists you during driving but also makes your drive an enjoyable one. Your driving won’t remain the same by installing this navigation system. It comes with multiple impressive features for improving your driving experience. Let us jump right into them and see what it has for us to offer.

GPS System

It has a built a GPS system for navigating you and take you to your desired destination without getting lost on the road. The system supports map databases such as Google maps, iGo, Sygic, Waze, and many others. It also allows you to have the latest roadway information and gives you far better driving directions than any other GPS system.

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and Bluetooth

It has a Bluetooth and A2DP Bluetooth stereo profile allowing you to stream high-quality audios such as you can use Spotify with it. Now you can appreciate listening to your favorite songs when you are going for a long drive. It has a built-in MIC and hence allowing you to make hands free calls while you are driving. Thus, you will not have another fine for using a cellphone along with driving.

Use your mobile apps

Do you want to use an app on your car’s navigation screen installed on your mobile phone? Well, you can use it via a mirror link. Just connect your phone and car’s navigation screen by using a USB cable. You can enjoy those apps on a larger screen and have more entertainment while staying focused on the road.

All original functions are constant

After installing the OEM BMW navigation upgrade, all of your car’s original functions will remain there, such as steering wheel control, CD drive, Bluetooth, Car radio, etc. So, you don’t have to waste time and effort on learning new functions, and you can still use your car’s original tasks with ease.

Android operating system

The OEM BMW navigation upgrade operates on the latest android operating system. Android 9.0 or 10, depending on the processors, i.e., PX6 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, are installed in it for the best performance. The android system provides many exciting features, such as live caption, smart replay, sound amplifier, gesture navigation, privacy control, location control, security updates, and many others. Also, the new android screen and display looks super cool with its bright and lively colors.

Furthermore, it consists of four GB Ram and 64 GB ROM, ensuring you can install as many apps as you want in its massive storage. Don’t worry; there won’t be any more lagging while you are multitasking on it. The response time is faster than before; startup speed is much quicker, and enjoy the smoothest experience while running your favorite apps.

Upgrade yourself with this OEM BMW navigation upgrade and beat the others in the race for having top technology. Get the system now for top-notch driving experience and upgrade your car to take its performance on the next level.


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