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Tips For Choosing A Photo For Your Chain With Photo

Tips For Choosing A Photo For Your Chain With Photo

A chain with photo (Kette mit foto) is a great way to keep sentimental photos close to your heart. It is also a great and creative way to have them from getting misplaced because you will always have them close or know where they are. A lot of people wear chains with photos inside lockets and on pendants. Here, we look at the tips for choosing the picture for chain with photo.

Tips for choosing a photo for your chain with photo

1. Determine where the photo will be placed

Most of the time, chains with photos usually feature pendants like lockets. The photo is usually placed inside the pendant. However, there are chains or necklaces where the pendant is placed on a medallion or any other trinket hanging from the chain.

2. Consider the size of the photo

The step when choosing the photo is determining the size of the chain. The position of the photo usually determines the size. For instance, if the photo will be placed on the pendant, the pendant’s size will influence the photo size. You must make sure the photo is correctly sized so that it easily goes on the necklace.

Placing a small photo on a necklace would force you to wrinkle or fold parts of it. You also don’t want a small photo such that it is hard for someone to tell what or who is on the photo. With technology, you can size portraits and photos into small pieces to place on chains.

3. Determine the photo you want to use

Before you even think or resize the photo to fit inside the pendant, you first have to determine which photo you want to use. Most of the time, people use photos of their kids, parents, family, significant others, or pets.

However, people can also choose photos of an item like a tree, piece of furniture, building, or place that is sentimental or significant. There is no limit on the object of the photo you want to use on your necklace or chain.

4. Consider the shape and design of the photo

As significant as the size of the photo, the same is the shape and design. The position where the photo will be placed also determines this element. For instance, if you choose to have the photo inside a heart-shaped locket, then the photo will have to be the same shape to fit perfectly into the pendant.

The pendant design will also determine the design of the photo. For instance, if you are using a vintage pendant or locket, you may want to go for a black and white photo or vintage-edited photo so that they can complement each other.

5. Consider how you are going to place the photo

The method of placing the photo depends on the type of photo and design. You may not need adhesive if you are working with a lockable pendant, medallion, or locket. However, if it is open, you will require adhesive like glue to keep the photo in place.

Final word

Note that you will have the chain with the photo hanging on your neck most of the time. Therefore, the last thing you want is for it to fall off your chain at any point. This is particularly imperative if the photo is of sentimental value and does not have a replica.


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