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The Minimalist Guide to Huawei’s in-App Purchases

The Minimalist Guide to Huawei’s in-App Purchases

Monetization is one of the most critical aspects when trying to develop your new app. It is a process that is evenly important as building a community of users. Choosing the wrong monetization strategy can have dire consequences.

Here is an introduction to HUAWEI in-app purchases, along with few arguments why it can be the foundation of a great monetization strategy. 

Huawei in-App Purchases 101
Thanks to Huawei in-app purchases, you can turn your app users into buyers. It doesn’t matter if you sell physical goods, digital goods, services, or even if you have a subscription model. The Huawei in-app purchases can help you create your in-app market.

The Huawei in-app purchases feature five payment services:

· Merchant Management

· Product Management

· Order Management

· Subscription Management

· Sandbox Testing

The product management service can automatically display your products in over 78 local languages and offers automatic pricing at 195 levels. Plus, it shows the products in local currencies. This feature works perfectly in more than 170 regions and countries worldwide. So, the language, the pricing, the currency, all are automatically handled, depending on the location of the user. All that through a single configuration.

The merchant management service can help you effortlessly manage private and public keys.

Sandbox testing is there to help you test your product purchase process. You can test any scenario you like without making any purchase. It’s easy,  fast, and it can help you understand the entire in-app shopping experience. You will be able to walk in the shoes of your customers and get a unique insight into how it all comes down together. Various test cycles can be tested that match your purchase configuration setup.

The order management services help you stay on top of every order from the moment the user places an order, throughout the delivery process, and to after-sale services. That way, you will not miss a single order. The subscription services offer both free trials and discounts. Automatic renewal is also supported.

Huawei’s in-app purchases service is fully compliant with all payment card industry regulations and standards, as well as EU’s GDPR.

Their advanced security technology offers state of the art protection from hacking and data breaches. Every in-app purchase is 100% safe and with that the personal data of your users. 

In terms of payment methods, Huawei in-app purchases support almost all mainstream payment processors, bank cards, Huawei points, carrier billing, and so on.  

Last but not least, they provide technical support throughout the entire integration process through a ticket support system that runs on their website. For whatever issue you have, their agents can provide a relevant and comprehensive answer.

In Conclusion
Fast, efficient, and pragmatic – those are the main three terms used to describe Huawei in-app purchases. Integrating their system into your app is quite fast and easy. The only more convenient than that is how it all comes down together once you start having sales. All in all, it is a platform that enables smooth in-app purchase management and experience.


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