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Reasons why AI Smart TV boxes are transforming lives

Reasons why AI Smart TV boxes are transforming lives

Technology is changing so fast, and so is the entertainment industry. The integration of technology into the entertainment niche makes people’s lifestyles easier and more fun. While that is true, artificial intelligence also brings the future into our homes and workplaces.

 Now you can use exclusive devices in your home at your convenience without using traditional controls. This is the era where you can command your EVPAD 5S smart TV box with your voice instead of using a remote control. Besides, these start TV boxes come with exciting specifications and powerful features that will blow your mind. Now is the time every home should switch to AI smart TV box. Here are reasons why smart TV boxes are a transformation to the future.

Storage capacity

Unlike the traditional TV boxes with inadequate storage, the AI smart TV boxes have dedicated internal storage where you can store all types of media. The boxes allow you to save your photos, movies, music, and games in a large capacity. The storage is necessary because you don’t have to delete your older content, such as TV shows or films, to store new content. You can enjoy unlimited storage to keep your downloaded media content and keep them on your device. Similarly, the AI smart boxes support external hard drives and flash devices to expand your storage capacity. You can also use a USB cable to connect your HARD DRIVES TO THE TV BOX.


If you are a gaming enthusiast, the AI smart TV box has everything you need to enjoy an upgraded experience. Remember, the gaming industry is also transforming to streaming instead of playing locally. This means you might not need the Xbox or a play station anymore if you already purchased the AI smart TV in your home. With the AI smart TV box, you can easily stream games with their graphics, dominating the traditional gaming consoles. The AI smart TV box is designed with high-end specs that can support games with high graphics. The processing power of these devices is also appealing; hence could transform your gaming experience to another level.


Piracy has been a challenge with the traditional TV boxes because they do not restrict you from accessing deceiving websites. Users will often access content that will prompt payment hence end up a victim of fraud incidents. However, the AI smart TV boxes tend to offer more security to users when surfing the internet as well as when they tend to make payments to scammers. The artificial intelligence integrated with the smart TV box can identify and block unusual activities, warning users of red flags or blocking the content.


The AI smart TV boxes are designed in an effort to reduce the hardware built into TVs. Similarly, they tend to offer the best performance due to the dedicated processors and RAM specs. These features and specs have improved the speed of the apparent functionalities. With the AI smart TV box, you can download and surf the internet with super speed. Gaming is made fun because the graphics dedicated to the smart TV box offer a smooth streaming experience, making everything process easier. More importantly, the AI smart TV box does not necessarily require a remote control but can use voice commands to perform some functionalities.


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