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Four items to insert in a personalised photo necklace

Four items to insert in a personalised photo necklace

There are many ways to commemorate and keep sentimental things that we hold dear to us. We can write them down in diaries or take photos and putting them in photo albums. But all that can be cumbersome to carry with you now and again. So, another way to keep treasured memories while adding some touch of fashion is by having photo necklaces. But what items can be incorporated in a personalised photo necklace? Below are some ideas you can make do with

Memorable Photos

Photos are the most used items when creating personalised photo necklaces. Depending on what you hold sentimental to you there is a wide array of photos you can make do with. The photos can be of your wedding, baptism, loved ones, friends and any other things you feel you have a connection with. Identify the photos you want, crop them up to sizes that can fit on your necklace and then fit them in. Perfect photos to use are those that tell your story or showcase your adventures, goals, aspirations and loved ones. The whole idea is to create a personal connection by giving your necklace an extra and deep meaning.

Quotes and Slogans

Even though it’s a photo necklace you can also incorporate some wordings to accompany the photo. Words are powerful and inscribed words serve as a permanent reminder of something romantic, profound and inspirational. Whether it’s a famous quote, a memorable saying, music lyrics or poem lines, the message should be something that you as the wearer have a connection to. For instance, if you are a doctor, you can inscribe a slogan that reminds you of your commitment to your job and service to your patients. What’s more, you can inscribe religious verses depending on your religion. The good thing about it is that the verses are plenty so you will not miss one to inscribe on your necklace. The quotes and slogans can be inscribed in the back while your preferred photo on the front side.

Memorable Life Milestones

Normally, people will put down, items in their diaries to remind them of when they happened. However, in most cases, those diaries are usually left in the house somewhere. So, inscribing such events on photo necklaces brings those memorable milestones with you everywhere you go. You can decide to only inscribe the dates of significant events in your life such as your birthday, the birthday of your husband and children, wedding date, dates for the death of your loved ones and other memorable events milestone that you feel are worth remembering. This way you can ensure you keep the memories alive and close to you.  

Artistic Images and Names Inscriptions

Photo necklaces offer a good opportunity to play around with different items. Besides using photos of yourself and loved ones, you can also use artistic pictures such as cartoons and graffiti. Since it’s a photo necklace, you can place any artistic image of your choice. Also, you can inscribe your names, names of your loved ones, things, and place you love and have a special connection with accompanied by your desired photo.


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