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Effective mobile phone maintenance tips

Effective mobile phone maintenance tips

Smartphones, like many of our most prized possessions, are quite delicate. However, once we get over the thrill of acquiring one, many people tend to forget how much they cost. A crack today, a scratch tomorrow, before you know it, your mobile phone has become an eyesore in a matter of months.

The process of maintenance isn’t always convenient, but the satisfaction of seeing your gadget look new long after you got it, makes the sacrifice worthwhile. These six techniques will help you keep your phone in optimal condition.

Keep it away from water

We know your phone is like a second-half that has to go wherever you go; however, try as much as possible to keep it away from water. This may come as a shock, but you do not need your phone in the shower or the pool. Even water-resistant phones are not completely water-proof in most cases.

 A little water can cause damage so significant that your phone may never truly recover. Thankfully, it is avoidable.

Adorn it with a case

No matter how careful you are, dropping your phone once or twice is inevitable. Phone cases provide extra security against the occasional accidental drop, in addition to the beauty they can add to the phone. We understand that many people like to showcase their phone brand, but a case need not hinder that if you get the right one. 

Get a screen guard

Screen protectors are like the yin to the case’s yang; they complete each other. Think of it as wearing your precious gadget in a complete suit of armor. These little OGs are available for all phone brands, and they do more than protect from the big bad cracks. They also protect your screen from little menaces like dust and dirt. 

Do not overcharge

People who do not have round-the-clock access to electricity often make the mistake of overcharging their phones at their battery’s detriment. Studies have shown that charging in short bursts is actually better than charging in complete cycles. You do not need to leave your phone plugged after it is full, that does nothing but weaken the battery. 

Keep away from heat

If there were a ranking of things that can damage your phone, heat would beat all competition and sit at the top. Damages to the screen and long term internal ones to its components and battery are only some of the ways in which heat can hurt your phone. Therefore, do yourself a favor and keep your phone away from heat sources, please, dear.

Clean it regularly

As a bath is to you, so is cleaning your phone. However, your phone does not need to get dipped in water, soap, or any other cleansing agent to get cleaned. The purpose is to get rid of accumulated dirt and germs, and any lint-free cloth will do the job.

Final Thought

A clean phone speaks to your kind of person without you having to say a word. Besides portraying you like a neat and classy fellow, a well-used phone can also fetch you good cash should you decide to resell. The points above are some ways to help you achieve this, but if yours is already beyond saving, you can buy used phones on yeebia at pocket-friendly prices. 


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