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Important information on getting personal purifiers

Important information on getting personal purifiers

Everyone keeps insisting on getting purifiers for the home, but many people are at a loss on what to do when they leave the house. To help with this dilemma, you can get a personal air purifier. Since it is so small, you get to carry it with you, and sometimes, you can get a wearable purifier. With all these perks, some people are skeptical about getting personal purifiers.  In learning about these purifiers and their features, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not you need the personal purifier. Here are some of the important details you need to know about personal purifiers

How personal air purifiers work

Unlike the other home or office purifiers with filters to trap dust or particles, personal air purifiers use ionization to clean the air. They emit negative ions, which pair up with the particles in the air and ensure you do not breathe them in. They work using the concept of repelling to keep these particles away from the wearer’s body. They pair up with viruses and bacteria in the air to ensure that you do not breathe them in.

Dangers related to personal air purifiers

One of the main reasons people are skeptical of using personal air purifiers is they emit ozone. While this might not affect you directly, it can cause serious respiratory issues in the long run. Ozone pairs up well with other air components and results in harmful substances. Many doctors advise against you using ionized personal purifiers.

Are there safe personal purifiers

With all the skepticism going around, many people want to know if they have any other options. Knowing about them will ensure that one can get the right purifier for them. Here are a couple of options for you:

1. Small portable purifier

If you are skeptical about getting the ionized purifier, there is the option of getting the portable purifiers. They can be used in the office or home and do not have the most personal purifiers’ ionization effect. All you need to do is place them in an area in the house to clean it up, and you can move with it from place to place to clean up the air.

2. Keep the ionized purifier a distance from you

If you have no other purifier aside from the ionized one, ensure you place it away from you. It is not recommended that you wear it around your neck as the ozone emissions will negatively impact you. Ensure the purifiers stay a distance from you to reduce the risk of you getting respiratory issues. If you are using this type of filter, it is also recommended not to use it for long. Switch it off occasionally to cut down on the harmful emissions.

Final thoughts

Clean air is very important for you and the people around you. Having a filter that cleans this air all the time will reduce the dust particles and ensure you do not catch any bug that might be in the air. Having an air purifier with you all the time will ensure you stay protected at all times.


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