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Key features to look out for in an android phone

Key features to look out for in an android phone

Since the innovation of mobile phones, the operability of these mobiles has undergone numerous changes, birthing Operating Systems like the Android OS. Globally, there has been a full reception of phones with these OS, this has driven several manufacturing companies to the peak of creativity, and constant innovative ideas. This consequentially has increased competition amongst manufacturers whose sole aim is to better the user experience of the average man. These Android phones are designed with specific hardware and software features to suit various target markets, like developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. 

Infinix is a worthy example. Infinix has produced a wide range of Androids, which have seamlessly given competitors a run for their money and provided maximum satisfaction with their products. The extensive usage of Infinix phones in Nigeria happens to be a suitable case study for a developing market, with great reception for Androids amongst its consumers. 

This article looks into critical features that should interest buyers before purchasing these smartphones. 

Battery Longevity

It’s safe to say that Android phones are of little or no value when the battery gets drained under a couple of hours. This essential feature has seen many brands lose their customers. Infinix, being a user-friendly brand over a couple of years have optimized their phone products, with an average battery size of 4000mAh, which lasts well over 24 hours of constant use. 


Picture resolution depends on the features of the camera used when taking them. For the Androids, features like the megapixels, autofocus, flash type, etc. determine the clarity of these images. Zero 6, is the latest in the Zero iteration of Infinix spots a selfie camera of 20MP and a dual rear camera of 24MP and 12MP, which delivers top quality to the average user. 


Documents are of utmost importance; hence, a need to possess a device that gives maximum room to store them.

Infinix Android phones have this storage capability as they are designed with ROM varieties, ranging from 8GB to 256GB. These ROMs are also expandable. 

Network and Connectivity 

Infinix phones are devices which support a wide range of area network, like the 2G, 3G, and 4G respectively. Tethering is also made available to provide a wireless connection, which is also a comfortable option when connecting to the internet. 


This feature creates a long-lasting impression, as display sizes, resolutions, and protection are designed to detail during manufacturing. With varieties of the display, Infinix incorporates many technologies for the ease of usability; the LCD technology is one, which mostly protects human eyes from light generated by their device displays. 

Final thought

The use of these Infinix phones in Nigeria from yeebia, Morocco, Kenya, the Middle East and in parts of Southern Africa, has given Infinix a foothold across Africa. With the uncomplicated features and affordability being the foster factor. 


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