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Discover essential accessories for your Acer Chrome book

Discover essential accessories for your Acer Chrome book

Acer Chrome book accessories are designed to make the users experience with the chrome book highly productive. Remember, any laptop will function at below-average capacity without the right accessories. Decades of technology have proven that most users only use 10% of a gadget’s full capability. This article highlights accessories such as the Acer Chromebook Laptop Charger, cables, dongles, mice, bags, and covers.

1. Acer Chrome book charger

Every chrome book is sold with an original charger. If you move around with your laptop, you will most likely need a traveling Acer adaptor or have one at your workplace to supplement your existing one. Two adapters are also more like to extend your laptop battery life as it splits the wear and tears action time down the middle. Acer laptop charger prices are moderate, which makes buying one an easy decision.

2. Bluetooth or wireless mouse

An ergonomic wireless mouse makes moving the cursor from anywhere in the room comfortable and easy. If your device does not support Bluetooth, a wireless receiver gets the job done. This device comes in particularly handy when manipulating multiple screens at the same time. Three mice on the same desktop with codes attached to them would look messy and confusing.

3. USB-C hub

Have you ever had multiple devices to plug into your Chrome book but not enough space? Well, you’re in luck; the hub accommodates all your portal needs. A USB-C hub allows your device to charge faster by delivering additional electrical currents. Different USB C hubs have 4 to 8 electric ports ranging from normal USB ports to microSD slots and Ethernet cable ports.

4.  Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones allow the user to listen to audio from the laptop while moving around. Many people forget that their headphones are connected to the laptop when getting up, making a mess. With Bluetooth headphones, you never have to worry about that. If you fully charge your headset, you can easily get forty hours out of them. Some headphone brands also have the effect of noise cancellation.

5. Wireless keyboard

A wireless keyboard uses a receiver to transmit signals back and forth with the laptop. Clumsy people will appreciate this product. If you accidentally damage your laptop’s keyboard, then the external wireless keyboard is your go-to solution. The external keyboard is also cheaper than replacing the laptop’s keyboard and is more fun to use.

6. Portable charger

A portable battery pack gives your device enough power to charge fully. The portable charger is especially useful if you travel to a place with no electrical outlets or you have no outlets near you to connect to. A good quality power bank gives around 65Watts if used with the standard USB-C cable. The extra charge significantly extends your battery life.

In conclusion

Acer Chrome book accessories customize a device’s functionality to your specific needs. Most wireless external devices aid mobility and replace a damaged part of a laptop, such as ports and keyboards. Ensure that your accessories are stored away safely as their mobility makes them more likely to get damaged. Always remember to do your research before buying a product for your laptop to ascertain compatibility.


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