Home Lifestyle A Concise guide for the BMW navigation installation

A Concise guide for the BMW navigation installation

A Concise guide for the BMW navigation installation

BMW navigation installation is very quick and easy to achieve. The only part that people often find so difficult is knowing the right things to do during the installation process. Most people have complained that the BMW navigation installation has given them a lot of a hard time.

This is the main reason for this article. We are going to show you the main steps you can take if you need to go through a BMW navigation installation the right way. Let’s dive in.

Guide on BMW Navigation Installation

· Check the power cable connection.

This is also one of the most important things you can do when it comes to installing the BMW navigation installation. First, place the power unit at its appropriate point and ensure that it is working properly. One thing you must know is that you need to check if the connection is properly done before you move into the next stage.

· Check the LVDS connections

The next stage of the installation process is to check and connect the LVDS connection and GPS antenna to ensure the best results. If you can actively do this, you are closer to the right solution. When it comes to installing the GPS antennas, it should be installed under, or on the dashboard.

It solely depends on the ports that the BMW vehicle has in place. Most professionals highly recommend you install it on the A-pillar of your vehicle

· Connect the GPS monitor.

After you have installed the GPS antenna, this is the point where you install the GPS monitor for it to function properly. When the GPS monitor is in place, you can work with your navigation unit comfortably. It is very easy to view the status of your GPS signal. You should go to the CronusViewer and check the status of your GPS signal.

· Check if the software settings are in place.

When all of these are done, you need to configure the software to work properly in the vehicle. The first thing you need to check is the car type and the Rearview camera settings. When both of them are fully in place, then you are one step closer to finishing your installation process.

Final Words.

Sometimes during the installation process, you may be faced with some severe issues like the sound not coming up in the android menu. This is a situation that happens almost every time. There are several ways you can sort out this issue with ease.

The most important method is to go to the android menu and play music. If the music does not come out, move over to the original menu, and play music or video. If nothing still works, check the optical cable if it is connected to the factory radio head unit.

In cases like these, there is always a high chance that the optical cable is not connected properly. Connect it to a new power source so that the sound will continue to work. This is one of the best solutions you can apply to get the best result.


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