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The Ultimate Guide to Detangle Your Human Hair Wig

The Ultimate Guide to Detangle Your Human Hair Wig

Virgin human hair wigs are definitely on the rise, and people can be seen rocking amazing hairstyles. With the benefits of owning a virgin human hair wig, you may wonder what to do with the drawback of detangled hair, which stresses you. Whether you purchase genuine hair or not, you are set to encounter tangles in the transformation journey. But you do not have to throw away that tangled virgin human hair wig. With a few affordable hair care products, you can detangle the hair.

Materials needed

  • A tooth comb
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • A stand
  • A spray bottles


Put your virgin human hair wig on the stand

  1. Begin by placing the virgin human hair wig on your stand. This makes it pretty easy to comb through from one end to the other.
  2. The tip above is crucial if you are combing a long unit.
  3. In case you don’t have a wig tripod, you can place it on a counter.
  • Soak the hair

The first step in cleaning your virgin hair should be soaking it in warm water because wet hair can easily detangle.

One extra tip, if the wig is dirty, you can always add shampoo to the mixture of warm water. This should help you in rinsing the wig before you start combing.

  • Use high-quality hair conditioner

Prepare a concoction of high-quality hair conditioner to make the hair soft as well as manageable. You first need to fill the spray bottle with the components at room temperature. Thereafter, you should add the conditioner to your bottle. This should occupy about 80 percent of the container. It would help if you also stirred the mixture well.

A second option would be to using a leave-in conditioner as this product does not need to be diluted.

Pour the conditioner in your palm and then gently massage it in the wig. Take out the spray bottle and then spray the mixture at the tip of your wig.

This should help ensure that the virgin human hair wig does not have split ends.

  • Brush out the knots

Slowly use the wide-tooth comb to brush knots, straight from the wig’s roots to the tips. Depending on the length of the virgin human hair, this process should take approximately one hour.

This means that you must cultivate the virtue of patience at this point because you may need to spend up to 30 minutes, making sure that the knots are removed.

Please do not rush the process as it is essential to be careful not to make the tangles worse.

  • The final rinse

When you are done brushing the tangles out of your hair, you need to rinse it out using clean water. This trick should help dilute your conditioner while reducing the greasy nature of the product on your wig.

  • Time to dry the wig

It is not time to let the hair air dry for hours. In this case, you need to leave the upper unit of the wig on the stand and allow it to dry naturally.

Remember to check on it every often because it should be scorched in two hours.

Final Thoughts

It would be best if you always strived to invest your wig well. Be patient and delicate. Invest in the right tools for hair detangling process. Get the appropriate instruments for the job so that they do not tangle the hair from the wig.


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