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Here is why you should use percussion massage therapy

Here is why you should use percussion massage therapy

Percussion massage therapy is growing in popularity. It is being used by people to get rid of muscle stiffness and to soothe sore muscles, whether it is from an intense workout or general tiredness from daily work.

Why has it become so popular?  

Here are the benefits of using percussion massage therapy.

Reduces muscle tension

Have you worked out intensely? Do you play sports or have you been carrying heavy loads all day? All these can cause tension in your muscles. It can make them sore and stiff.

What’s the solution? It is to massage using a percussion massager.

The massager applies vibrational pulses to muscles and in turn makes them relax, reduces the stiffness and releases lactic acid and other toxins. All the above help to reduce muscle tension, pain and stiffness and allows you to go on with your physical activities.

Helps to regulate blood circulation

The percussion massager enables the muscles to relax by applying pressure. Not only does it provide deep tissue massage, but it also regulates the circulation of blood in the body. Better circulation of blood means more oxygen into the cells and more nutrients. With this, you will feel more energized and more active.

Therefore, you will not just feel relaxed, but you will also have more energy to do more.

Enhances flexibility

If you are a sports person or you are very active, then flexibility is essential. When you are flexible, you can move easily, stretch without any pain, and lift heavy weights without damaging the muscles.

The percussion massager removes muscle knots. These occur when there is the adhesion of muscle fiber; they are painful and can prevent you from moving certain muscles. Besides, when you have muscle knots, you can damage your muscles if you do intensive exercises, take part in sports or lift heavy items.

When the massager removes the muscle knots, you can move your muscles more easily, and this enhances flexibility.

An excellent option for warm-up

If you take part in sports, you know it is essential to warm up. This prepares your muscles for the intensive work ahead.

A percussion massager can help you to warm up much faster since it enables for more flow of blood. Therefore, if you are taking part in a sport, race or workout, you can warm up using the massager. Besides, you will also benefit from removed muscle knots and more oxygen to feel more flexible and energized.

Affordable and Convenient

Usually, to get a body massage, you need to book in advance. What’s more, it can cost you a lot. You may not get a massage anytime you feel like it.

However, when you get a percussion massager, you can get a massage at any time of day and from anywhere. Whether you are at the gym, in the office, or at home, you can get a massage even at midnight.

More good news is that the massager is affordable. You only buy it once, and you forget the cost of a massage, unlike if you were to go to a parlor.


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