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Top ways to carry your phone with ease

Top ways to carry your phone with ease

Imagine dressing up for a run early in the morning, and you realize that you need to play songs. How do you carry your phone without being ineffective? So many things might likely happen- you might hold the phone with your hand, take it in a small bag that may create imbalance for you when running, or worst still, leave it at home!

One of the popular ways to do this is by using the waterproof waist pack for phones. The great thing about this product is that not only will it keep your phone and other essentials close to you, but also protect it from natural elements. You won’t be worried about the safety of your essentials, even if they are dipped in water.

 Asides waterproof waist packs, there are lots of other ways to carry your phone, especially if you frequently engage in physical and athletic activities. It’s so important to know them because we rely on our phones for so many things- searching out locations, using maps, playing songs for workouts, monitoring work activities, etc.

Without further ado, let’s look at the best ways to carry your phone with grace, elegance, style, and class. Waist packs included.

Shall we?

Ways to carry your phone with ease

1. Waist packs:

Waist packs are also known as fanny packs. They fit directly on the waist (if the straps are adjusted properly) and free your hands and shoulders. They come in different sizes and variations, but generally, they can be used to carry phones, wallets, credit cards, keys, and other essentials.

The more advanced versions contain water bottle slots (some also come with water bottles that fit perfectly into these slots), so it’s perfect for runners. The only problem with fanny packs is its flapping, and people tend to overfill it.

2. Holster

Thought holsters were only for concealed firearms? Oh no.

Holsters are great for keeping your phone close to your body when your pants don’t have sweatpants. Most runners don’t make use of this all the time. Holsters benefit bikers, hikers, and travelers that are trying to save their phones and other essentials from pickpockets.

3. Vest

Vests are one of the best ways to protect your phone and other essentials when on the run, comfortably. You don’t need a bag to carry lots of items. It is breathable and lightweight. Most typical vests come with side pockets, although these are not dependable because your items can fall out.

When buying a vest, look out for ones that come with pocket zippers. They have added security.

4. Armbands

Armbands are great phone holders. They are practical options for athletic people because they allow you to interact with your phone at any time. The only problem with armbands is that newbies may find it hard to adjust them to the right comfort level.

There are several brands and variants. The advanced versions are large enough to carry bulky items like keys and tubes.

5. Belt

No, this is not the conventional belt that holds your trouser.

This belt is large enough to carry your essentials when engaging in physical activities. Plus, they are of different colors, so you can find one that blends with your wardrobe.


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