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Top 5 Must-Have Knives In A Commercial Kitchen

Top 5 Must-Have Knives In A Commercial Kitchen

Chefs who serve in commercial kitchens are known to have a variety of dishes they have to prepare in a day and some of these dishes require a special skill set and tools to produce them. One of the special tools required by the commercial chef is a set of kitchen knives. Having the right set of kitchen knives is key to guaranteeing success in the kitchen

This article highlights the five must-have kitchen knives in a commercial kitchen, how they are used, and how not to use them.

5 Knives To Have In A Commercial Kitchen

These are the best knives that must be present in every commercial kitchen:

  1. Chef’s Knife: This is the most important knife in a commercial kitchen’s collection, and it is characterized by a length of 8-10 inches which can be very uncomfortable for most users. But this kind of blade ensures versatility and efficiency. The bigger a blade and longer the blade of a chef’s knife, the safer it is to use.
  1. Paring Knife: This can be used in place of a chef’s knife, with an average blade length of 3½ inches. It is ideal for cutting any kind of food that requires detail and attention.
  1. Serrated Knife: It is also called the bread knife, and it possesses a serrated blade and is used for slicing jobs that are not suitable for the normal chef’s knife.
  1. Boning Knife: This is an eek, stylish, and slim knife. Its special style allows it to be used for cutting poultry and bony fishes as the name suggests.
  1. Honing Steel: This is not a knife and should not be called a sharpener. However, it is an essential tool for every kitchen. It is the second most important tool in the kitchen after the chef’s knife.

Uses of Chef’s Knife.

It is the go-to tool for almost all kitchen tasks. It is used in cutting vegetables, fruits, and for dicing fish and meat. It should not be used to carve poultry, remove the skin of large vegetables, punch holes in cans, or for butcher purposes.

Factors to consider when acquiring a chef’s knife

  1. The blades should be full tang. A Full Tang blade is a blade that has its two handles pinned to its side. These knives are more sturdy and last longer.
  1. The knife should be forged from a single piece of forged steel.
  1. The knife should have a nice weight and is also comfortable when held.

Uses of Paring Knife

It is suitable for slicing and mincing items that are too small for the chef’s knife. It should not be used to cut hard vegetables and other foods that require putting much pressure on the blade.

Factors to consider

  1. For a longer lifespan go for metal blades

Uses of Serrated knife.

They are used for cutting foods with waxy surfaces and are also used in cutting cakes. It should only be used for slicing and not chopping.

Factor to consider

The knife’s blade teeth should not be too small or too large.

Uses of a boning knife

It should not be used to cut through bones but rather cut around the bones, like carving through.


All the knives mentioned above are basic knife sets that are needed by a chef and must be found in a commercial kitchen to ensure a successful meal.


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