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Ultimate Guide On How To Be A Sweet Lolita

Ultimate Guide On How To Be A Sweet Lolita
sweet lolita

When considering various Lolita style, the sweet Lolita is one of the main styles you will encounter. The sweet Lolita portrays a childlike aspect of Lolita design. As expected, it tends to use colorful prints, ribbons, and laces to enhance the look. However, if you are making a switch to sweet lolita fashion or you are just a beginner trying out, below are simple tips on how you can nail the look with minimal effort.

  • Colors

When trying to nail this popular Japanese fashion subcultures, you have to steer clear of dark-colored clothes that are mostly associated with Gothic Lolita.  When choosing, aim to select clothes that are frilly and sweet. Favorite colors with the sweet Lolita include white, cream, mint green, lavender, sax blue, and pink. As these colors are warm and inviting, it gives off a cheery mood associated with young adults

  • Skirt

The sweet brolita fashion usually revolves around a bell-shaped skirt. As with children, the bell-shaped is achieved through the use of petticoat and bloomers. The bell-shaped design is preferred over the A-shaped design as it accentuates feminine features without seeming to try so hard. As expected, a dress or skit that cannot accommodate enough bloomers underneath it to achieve this look is deemed improper for this style. As a rule, the length of the skirt shouldn’t be shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

sweet lolita
  • hair

As one of the least restrictive Harajuku style, the sweet Lolita hair is an aspect that you should put a lot of emphasis on. Often the go-to style is pigtails or curls that delicately frame your face. If you do not have long enough hair to do this, invest in a high-quality wig that allows you to manipulate it as you would your real hair.  As a rule, steer clear of the plastic wigs that look fake and have a Halloween vibe.

  • Headgear

 Headgear is a must in decora fashion. As most Lolita’s almost always add some form of headgear to complete their look, the easiest way to do this is by adding a piece of bow or bonnet to your hair. Additionally, a headdress is also an appropriate choice especially since it provides versatility by coming in diverse shapes and sizes. If you are a bit pressed on time and still want to look good, you can add pieces of flowers for a complete look  

sweet lolita
  • Sweet Lolita blouse

Finally, when looking for various articles of clothing for a Japanese street fashion look, ensure you look for a blouse that minimizes exposed skin. Ideally, the neck, cleavage and shoulder areas should be covered. If you want to layer clothes, choose to invest in a jumper skirt that you can add a blouse or bolero over it. When selecting, stick to rounded peter pan blouse styles to ensure modesty.


Overall, when considering a sweet Lolita fashion style, then you cannot fail to consider adding various accessories to enhance the look. This includes incorporating different Lolita style, purses, headdress and socks in your everyday look. By following the above guideline, you will be better placed to portray the innocent sweet Lolita persona as a whole with minimal effort and at no risk of looking like a total newbie.


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