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Steps for Using a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

Steps for Using a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

A bidet sprayer, just like any other toilet sprayer, is a basic type of bidet. However, using these little bum guns might be rather confusing for the many uninitiated. Even in cases where you are unfamiliar with the seats and attachments, you may not understand how to use the sprayer. Well, think of the whole thing as a bidet shower, will you, just like the handheld shower head with a nozzle on the hose. When you turn the water on, you should aim in the right, desired direction and then spray.

Features of a Bidet Sprayer

A bidet sprayer has three main parts: the hose, the spray head, and finally, the T-valve. In many cases, you will find the sprayer in a holster that is mounted on the tank of the toilet or the wall right next to your toilet.

Non-electric bidets operate by water pressure. For that reason, bidet sprayers are ideal options for washrooms without electrical outlets but adjacent to the toilet. They are as well easy to install.

Handheld bidets pride themselves in having multiple alternative uses. It is more like having a small garden hose in the bathroom. It is easy to use a bidet sprayer to clean down the shower walls or better yet larger items as well as pets usually, in the tub.

New mothers like to use bidet sprayers. These devices clean gently such that they can be used to clean cloth diapers too. And in case you would like to keep someone out of the washroom for some reason, a bidet spray is definitely a good deterrent.

For the ladies that enjoy more…stimulating aspects of the handheld showerhead, a bidet sprayer can be a pleasant alternative.

Steps for Using Your Bidet Sprayer

It is definitely a perfect idea to try using a bidet spray prior to relieving yourself. The hand held bidets come with a strong water pressure at the highest settings.

Begin by spraying water into a clean toilet bowl and then garner lessons regarding how to use a hand held bidet sprayer with pressure control.

Step 1- turn the valve on – the handheld T-valve plays the role of stopping water from relatively building up in the hose when the bidet sprayer is out of use. Therefore, you will find a metal T-valve in the toilet tank, appended to the fill valve. Twist it to the ON position. The bidet will not spray until you turn the sprayer on. Thus, to reduce the intensity of the spray, you should choose to open the valve partway.

Step 2 – positioning the head of the sprayer – you need to be sure that you are holding the sprayer of the bidet comfortably to control the flow of water easily.

Sitting on your toilet, go ahead and lower the sprayer into the bowl of the toilet right in front of you. Spraying from the front or from the back is quite a personal decision. Decide which one is more comfortable.

Step 3- go on and wash– it is now time to wash. Begin by gently squeezing the trigger in order to start the spray. The pressure can be too strong, especially if you are not careful.

For that reason, you need to reposition the hand if the angle of the spray does not feel right.

The bidet spray is often clean since it comes directly from the home’s water supply. Immediately you feel clean, you can begin to release the trigger of the sprayer in order to stop the water flow.

Final Thoughts

The T-valve of your bidet is important since it controls the operating mechanism of the device. If the valve is left open, you can experience a leak. And in case you haven’t, consider yourself lucky.


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