Home Fashion Step by Step Guide for Putting on Your Ginger Wig

Step by Step Guide for Putting on Your Ginger Wig

Step by Step Guide for Putting on Your Ginger Wig

The wig wave has been on the rise for years now. More and more people are joining the trend for various reasons but mainly to appear stylish and wear different styles regularly. The wig techniques are changing, and new products are being introduced to the market. Among the latest introductions is the ginger wig, a complete machine wig looped with an elastic band wound. You can wear it with long or short hair and still look good. In this write-up, we highlight the instructions for installing a ginger wig.

Instructions for Installing a Ginger Wig

When installing a ginger wig, there are few items you need to accomplish the process. They include; a colored hair cap, preferably deep brown or red, the wig itself, hair adhesive and brush, scalp protector, and a blow dryer. The installation steps are;

1. Preparation stage

Prepare your scalp in readiness for the wig. Wash your scalp using water and shampoo to remove hair oil that may prevent the glue from sticking properly. Rinse to remove all the shampoo, then dry using a towel. Pour the scalp protector on your head to act as a barrier between the glue and your skin. Apply the adhesive on the scalp depending on the type of lace.

If it is a lace frontal ginger wig, apply it on the front part of your head, from ear to ear. For a full lace ginger wig, apply the glue all around to keep it in place. Apply using the adhesive brush the blowdry for about30 seconds for it to set. Press the edges of your wig to your scalp for a minute or till the wig is firmly attached.

2. Trim the wig lace

Ensuring the wig is positioned correctly and attached, trim the wig’s lace, and pay close attention to your hairline. For a lace front wig, trim the front part only and for a full lace wig, carefully cut the lace around your head. This process is only for wigs with full lace, and you can only cut it once, so ensure it’s neat. For pre-cut wigs, avoid this step. Cut any lace glued past the hairline using a pair of scissors. Do it step by step as it’s easy to correct a small part than the entire line. Keep off any wig hair as cutting it will damage the wig.

3. Clean your skin

Cleaning the skin next to the hairline helps remove oil remnants that would tamper with the wig glue. Use cotton wool and isopropyl liquor to do the cleaning, then apply the scalp protector. This is necessary in case you have sensitive skin.

4. Apply a hair gel

Put the gel on your edges and lay them as desired. Use your fingers or a gel brush and cover the entire hairline with the product. You can also use sticky paste or hard bond glue.

5. Attach the ginger wig

Wear your wig, ensuring each part is appropriately lined up. If you are using a paste, begin attaching the wig on the hairline from the middle of your brows. Press it down all around until it’s secured. Then proceed to style as desired.


When carefully installed, all human hair wigs are beautiful and appear natural. Use the procedure above to wear your ginger wig, and the results will amaze you. Take your time when cutting the lace and applying the glue, ensuring no contact with your eyes.


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