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What type of lights are used in stadiums?

What type of lights are used in stadiums?

Lights are an essential aspect of any sports stadium. When constructing a stadium, a lot of emphasis is placed on the element of lighting. There are International Lighting Standards that govern the types of lighting installed in sports stadiums. The International Lighting Standards provide several regulations regarding lighting for sporting fields rest on the kind of lighting in sporting fields. However, the influence varies with the importance of the competition. Many are the cases when stadium lights are renovated because of high priority or relevance of the game or tournament taking place on the venue. Stadiums require both indoor and outdoor lights. This post will talk about major types of lights used in stadiums.

What type of lights are used in stadiums?

Stadium lighting calls for the use of high wattage lights. These are lights that produce a lot of light (in terms of beams and illumination). The reason why stadiums require high wattage lamps is that the high-intensity lights support vision fort both the players and the large crowds. This also means that games with more popularity attract more crowds hence require even higher wattage lamps.

The lesser standard games with more secondary viewers may not need as much light as the latter. The indoor stadium lights are mainly aimed at helping the crowds and the players while the outdoor stadium lights are used in the parking lots. They help to keep the areas secure, support vision, and prevent instances of theft or stampeding due to inadequate lighting. 

The costs of stadium lights

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Compared to other forms of lighting, stadium lighting is relatively costly. The reason for the high costs is the amount of electricity that the high wattage lamps use up. The number of fixtures needed to keep an entire stadium well light is also high. This also affects the cost of the lights. The use of LED lights in stadiums relatively reduces the value of the lights. This, however, does not take away from the fact that the amount of energy of consumption is relatively high. The cost of the lighting also increases with how often the stadium is used. 

Choosing the best stadium lights

There are quite several aspects to reflect when choosing the type of lighting to be used in stadiums. 

1. The angle of the beam

For effectiveness, light in a stadium has to be dispersed in such a way that there is a balance in the entire field. If the beam angle is too wide, the light regularity would be high. On the other hand, if the perspective of the beam is low, the uniformity would be small. 

2. Heat dissipation

One of the reasons why stadium lights get damaged is overheating. Proper ventilation would resolve this issue. However, lamps made of aluminum (a good conductor) would do the trick.

Take Away

Waterproof lights would also be a good option for stadium lights. Such lights can beat elements of weather like humidity and rain. It is also a wise idea to go for good quality lights to reduce costs and encourage durability.  

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