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SI Diamond VS Diamond: Which Should You Choose?

SI Diamond VS Diamond: Which Should You Choose?

Diamonds sparkle like no other jewelry, and they truly last forever. The more the clarity of a diamond, the higher value it possesses. Clarity refers to whether the diamond has a perfectly visible surface and high gradient transparency or comes with small inclusions such as suspension clouds.

Based on different clarity levels, diamonds have been assigned grades or levels on the scale to easily identify their inclusions, as they are not always visible to the human eye. VS and SI are two levels of clarity on this scale of distinction.

If you have been looking forward to getting your hands on one of these two diamonds- VS OR si diamonds, keep reading to know which one is the best choice for you.

How Are VS And SI Graded on The Clarity Scale?

Inclusions in the diamond can be of various types, such as crystal particles or traces of minerals and more. These particles create imperfection in a diamond, so the higher the visibility of inclusions, the lower its value and price drop. The clearest diamonds go for the highest bid.

This is where opportunity strikes for those who cannot afford to purchase the shiny rock with utmost transparency. Aim lower on the clarity scale if you are shopping for a diamond on a budget.

On the clarity grade, diamonds have been categorized in six areas based on the inclusions. Flawless (FL) and Internally Flawless (IF) have the highest clarity and go all the way down to Included diamonds. The Included category has VS and SI diamonds. VS or Very Slightly Included and SI or Slightly Included diamonds have some proportion of imperfections. This is the reason you can buy these at an affordable price.

VS and SI diamonds are divided into VS 1, VS2, SI1, and SI2 grades. But how do you choose the perfect rock for you from these options? Let’s break them down further.

The Difference Between VS And SI Diamonds

VS or Very Slightly Included diamonds lie on a higher grade than the SI diamonds. VS diamonds are further divided into VS1 and VS2. These diamonds have very few hints of imperfections which are visible only when magnified up to 10 times. Even then, only an expert eye can spot the inclusions. To the untrained naked eye, VS diamonds look almost flawless.

The SI diamonds are divided into SI1 and SI2. They lie lower on the clarity scale than the VS diamonds at the fourth position. SI diamonds, too, have slight imperfections which are not visible to the untrained naked eye. You can view the inclusions under a magnification of up to 10 times. However, in some SI diamonds, the inclusions are visible without zooming in.

SI diamonds which do not have visible inclusions, look almost the same as VS diamonds, but they come at a cheaper rate.

Final Verdict – Which One Should You Choose?

All experts in this field will advise you not to go below VS diamonds if you want the best value in clarity in a budget. However, if you can find an SI diamond with no visible inclusions, you can hit the price-value jackpot.

The SI diamonds without visible inclusions look amazing and come at a significantly lower price. So, make the best budget rocks. You might struggle to find SI diamonds without apparent inclusions, but the effort will pay off once you do.


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