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Two Best Projector Ceiling Mounts For 2020

Two Best Projector Ceiling Mounts For 2020

If you plan to set up the home theatre of your dreams, you will find the projector ceiling mount handy. It can also be applied for setting up video conferencing for office and home meetings and special events. However, selecting a good model for projector ceiling mounts is not an easy task, and there are many factors and models to consider. Your choice of projector ceiling mount should be easy to install, steady, and versatile. Finally, find the price range of each projector ceiling mount should fit your needs and budget. This write-up will cover the best projector ceiling mounts of 2020.

Features of a good projector ceiling mount

  • Versatile – the projector ceiling mount should be compatible with a wide variety of projectors. It should work right off the bat with drop-in, flat, or slanted ceilings.
  • Easy to install – your projector ceiling mount should be easy to set up. It should also come with everything you will require to install it. The best options are the models that come pre-assembled. Thus you will not need to hire the services of a professional to carry out the installation.
  • Flexibility – the ceiling mounts for projectors need to be fully adjustable to allow you to get the right viewing angle. This means that the swivel, pan, and tilt of the projector ceiling mount need to be very flexible.
  • Sturdy construction – the optimal projector ceiling mounts are made from high-grade, durable material that can withstand weights over a long period, preferably years. One great choice is steel. Steel projector ceiling mounts are reliable, give maximum strength, and are supportive.

Here is a list of the two best projector ceiling mounts of 2020:

  • VANKYO Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Wall Bracket Holder

Starting at $16.99, it features a mounting organization that is versatile and flexible. Thus it is used in several projector models. It is also versatile enough to be attached to any form of the ceiling surface. It also comes with four jointed double-jointed arms for support. This enables flexible positioning to reach any projector mounting point. The maximum load that it can support is 66 pounds (30kgs). The rotate capability of the ceiling mount is 15 degrees, meaning it can be mounted at a variable height from the ceiling. The Vankyo projector ceiling mount can also be installed on a wall. It also features a no-slip adjustment system allowing it to be lockable in any position.

  • VIVO Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

One of the most available projectors mounts to install. It features quick-release hooks that make attaching and detaching extremely easy. This can be achieved through tightening or loosening the specific mounting bolts. This simplicity of setup means anyone can be up and running with this ceiling mount, without the need for professionals to help. The Vivo projector ceiling mount also comes with a low profile mounting system allowing the projector to be held at a steady 6 inches from the ceiling surface.


You can pick a projector ceiling mount based on your specific needs and budget. If you are on a budget, you can choose from either the VANKYO Universal Projector type of Ceiling Mount Wall Bracket Holder or the VIVO Universal Ceiling Projector Mount.


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