Home Fashion Lace Front Wigs: The Perfect Beginner’s Guide

Lace Front Wigs: The Perfect Beginner’s Guide

Lace Front Wigs: The Perfect Beginner’s Guide

Wearing a human hair wig is a cool way to add style and sophistication to your outfit. There are lots of such wigs including the lace front wig available in the market and choosing one out of so many can be a little tasking.

However, going through guides such as this one will help broaden your knowledge and enable you to make the right choice. This guide will put you through all you need to know about lace front wigs and how to use them.

Lace Front Wigs: What They Are

Lace front wigs are words used to describe a wig with a perpendicular lace across the anterior area of the wig that lies across the forehead and trails your original hairline.

The purpose of adding this lace to a wig is to make the wig appear natural. These wigs are relatively popular among celebrities and everyday regular women.

Benefits of Wearing a Lace Front Wig

Below are some of the benefits associated with wearing a lace front wig.

  • It protects the natural hair from damages caused due to excessive heat.
  • It allows room for breathing and proper ventilation.
  • It protects your hair from color damages and other harmful chemicals in various hair products.
  • It is an easy makeover tool.

How to Wear a Lace Front Wig

Just like we have earlier pointed out, lace fonts are highly beneficial but you will not enjoy these benefits if you do not handle them the right way. Below are pro tips on how to keep both your natural hair and lace frontals healthy.

1. Examine your wig often

Do not be in a rush all the time. Always take out a minute or two to check your wig before putting it on. Feel the fabric to be sure what it is made of. Check for odd smell and if you think anything is fishy, ensure you wash the wig before using it even if it is new.

2. Guard your natural hair properly

Most times, lace frontals are installed using adhesives and these adhesives contain harmful chemicals. So, make sure your natural hair is properly braided as much as possible and covered with a cap before applying any glue on your edges.

3. Take care of your natural hair

If you wear wigs too often, you might sometimes forget to take care of your natural hair and this is not a welcomed development. At least once a week, show your natural hair done tender loving and care.

Wash it thoroughly with a good shampoo. You should also deep condition and moisturize it. This is to ensure that your natural hair remains healthy under the wig.

4. Always remove your wig gently

While snatching off a wig might appear fun in the movies, it is inadvisable to engage in this act. Snatching off your wig at will can be both harmful to you, and your wig.

Wigs should be removed as carefully and as gently as they were installed. First, soften the glue with an adhesives softener, then pull back gently. If it gets stuck, apply more adhesive remover and try again.


Lace front wigs are a perfect way to add glamour to your style. However, this cannot be achieved if you aren’t wearing it the proper way.


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