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It is easy to wash your car yourself

It is easy to wash your car yourself

If you are looking forward to deep clean your car, it is easier to do that if you have got the right products. The best method that you might have heard about is the three bucket system. The ultimate goal is to give your car a deep clean so that you can be able to remove all the stains and the contaminants off the surface of your vehicle. While deep clean is not possible without an effective plan, it also is not possible if you are using ordinary products. To give your car an effective and long-lasting deep clean, you can use OPS car washes from a renowned and reliable company.

The three-bucket system

The three-bucket is the best method to give your car a deep clean. The problem is that the last thing you can do to wash your car is to throw back its dirty water and let the grime off your tires cover up the car’s body and mirrors.

If that has happened to you before, you need the three-bucket system to ensure a deep clean for your car. The method is to get one bucket that is filled with soapy water. The soapy water should be clean. There will be another bucket that will be filled with clean water. You can use this water to rinse out the dirt from deep spots of y0ur car. The point to be noted is that you can only use this water to dunk your dirty mitt after your rinse the car so that the mitt is clean of dirt when you dunk it again into the clean soapy water. The third bucket should be a blend of clean water and the cleaning product that you have selected for your car. You can only use this for the tires because they are the dirtiest parts of a car.

Before you start washing your car, it is better to take the car into the sunlight if you have any. This is how cleaning products evaporate off the body of your car while you clean off other areas.

Wash the headlights

You may love to wash the headlights first as they are the easiest and the most needful of cleaning as well. Car headlights are mostly made of plastic. As your car ages, the headlights get yellow and cloudy. This makes the headlights far less effective while you are traveling in the dark. You can buy headlight restoration kits from the market to clean them. Some such kits also include a UV blocker that protects the cleaned headlights from damage by the sunlight.

Wash the car

When you are done with the headlights, you can now go on to clean the entire care. The most important objective of washing the car is to clean off the dirt so that your kids may not get ill by contacting the germs and bacteria. If you wash the car with a water gun before applying the soap, you will be able to remove the mud, the dust, and the dirt from the car. Now you can apply the soap and wash your car with water again for a finishing touch.


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