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How to Spot a Quality Retractable Hose Reel

How to Spot a Quality Retractable Hose Reel

Garden hoses can be frustrating to deal with. They are difficult to store safely and they seem to be always on the way. How do you compactly store them and how do you keep them neat and tidy? If you often find yourself in this situation then you should consider upgrading to a quality retractable hose reel.

A high-quality retractable hose reel is in demand in most households these days. They come with a plastic housing where the hose is coiled and stored. When you are done with your chores, all you have to do is reel back the garden hose in the case and you are good to go. The reeling can be done automatically or manually.

So, what should you look for in a retractable garden hose reel?

Portable vs. wall mounted

A portable retractable hose reel comes in a setup that has wheels so you can move it around as you work or take the whole system with you to another place. They are best if you are using the hose commercially like for a gardening service or cleaning service.

Wall-mounted retractable garden hose reels are great if storage is a problem for you. The system can be mounted semi-permanently on your wall. All you have to do is choose a hose length that allows you to move around your garden or yard with no problem.

Slow retraction

Some quality retractable hose reel systems are spring-loaded which means they can snap back the hose to the casing in a speedy manner – just like a retractable measuring tape. This may sound more convenient at first but it can be dangerous too when you have kids and pets in the area at the same time. It is safer to get a system with a slow rewind function or slow retraction.

Adjustable spray gun

The spray gun of the hose will also matter when it comes to doing your tasks. Look for a system that includes an adjustable spray gun in its features. Most models often have this included as part of the package when you make a purchase.

Hose length

Just like ordinary garden hoses, the hose inside a retractable hose reel comes in various lengths and sizes. You just have to measure the area around your home or yard to know how much length you need to work around properly.

Hose end storage

It is important to look for a model that provides storage for the end of the hose so that it does not get dirty when not in use. An example is a model that has a plug where you place the hose in after you remove the spray gun from the end.

Secure your quality retractable hose reel

Securing a garden hose may be one of the last things in your mind. But when it comes to a high-quality retractable hose reel, you should consider this. These systems are actually worth a lot of money and could be attractive to some thieves. Some models offer additional security such as padlocking the retractable hose reel to the mounting. The lock is also useful if you have curious kids around so that they will not be able to use the hose without your supervision.


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