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Handmade name necklace with custom name craving

Handmade name necklace with custom name craving

Single name personalized jewelry

This is a Personalisierte Schmuck (personalized jewelry) that allows buyers to carve one name in large fonts. It’s best suited for lovers or love birds, who want to make a special gift for their partners. Buyers can get their partner’s name carved in a large font. There will be a chain at both the ends, making it feasible to be worn around the neck.

Female target audience for custom name necklace

The target audience for these type of name necklaces is females, especially young girls. Such people are fond of personalized jewelry. Hence, buying this product is a sure shot for creating a romantic mood with the partner. It features a soft touch and feel, ideal for soft female skin. Even the appearance is completely girly, making it an ideal gift option for girls such as daughters, wife, girlfriend, sister, and even mother.

Name pendant gift option buying procedure

Each customer needs to visit the official website and enter the name of their choice. A preview will be available on the screen so they know how the pendant might look like. There are two material options- 14k gold plated copper and 14k gold plated silver, which will add extra charges to the final bill. Finally, there’s a gift wrap option as well. This is again chargeable separately.

Once the product has been customized, the final step is order placement and payment. Buyers should pay full amount in advance to confirm their orders. No order can be modified after payment. It’ll take at least 3 and at most 5 days to finish the manufacturing since the entire work is done by hands.

The product once dispatched, will take 7 to 12 days to reach the destination no matter where it needs to be delivered on this planet. DHL courier service will be the first option. Customers will be liable to pay for any custom duties depending on their country rules.

Exciting features of this custom name necklace

Some luring and exciting features of this product are as follows:

  1. Golden colored appearance with pure 14k gold plating.
  2. The appearance won’t fade easily.
  3. It’s a durable product that won’t break or damage so easily. Still, it’s advisable not to abuse the pendant.
  4. The reasonable chain length will make the pendant rest on the chest.
  5. There are no chances of skin diseases or skin rashes even if wearing the pendant for hours.
  6. The lightweight design makes it a best suited personalized jewelry for the girls.
  7. If the buyers are not satisfied with the product, they can return it within 90 days from the date of purchase. A perfect piece without fault cannot be returned.
  8. The font used in the craving of the name is very stylish, and will be loved by the receiver for sure.
  9. Some buyers might be eligible for free delivery if their total order value exceeds 69 Euros.
  10. All the products and orders are covered with a warranty, where they buyers can return the product in case of manufacturing defects.


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