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Hacks to help you design and customize the diamond painting

Hacks to help you design and customize the diamond painting

There’s nothing as exciting as being able to channel one’s creativity into something worthwhile. This generation has seen the rise and fall of many crafts; many didn’t even last long. However, the recent surge in the trend of people creating beautiful art pieces via diamond painting shows a craft that’s bound stand the test of time.

It’s no gainsaying that you are likely to enjoy every bit of your diamond painting journey as it’s an enjoyable craft. The possibility of creating custom diamond paintings even makes the prospect more intriguing. While it’s essential to note that the whole process could prove overwhelming along the line, the end process is usually worth the effort. However, many hacks can help minimize the amount of stress involved while you customize diamond painting.

Keep your diamonds safe

The process of creating an ideal piece of diamond painting requires you to make use of many diamonds. It’s often challenging to keep ahold of each diamond piece due to the tiny size; this is precisely why you need a helpful hack. An excellent way to keep all of the diamond pieces in one place is via the use of ice-cube cartons for collection. Rather than placing the diamonds in a tray where any piece could get missing, an ice-cube container eliminates such possibilities.

The placement of the matter of the diamond

You wouldn’t want to risk the possibility of losing a vital part of your diamond painting due to the loss of a diamond piece. To avoid such scenarios, ensure that you place the diamond with the utmost attention. If you do not fix the diamond piece with the necessary amount of force, it could quickly jump out of position. Due to the microscopic nature of the diamonds, you might have a hard time finding a misplaced piece.

Your tweezers could come handy

As expected, you’re likely to encounter one or two errors while placing the diamonds on the board. Often, the material becomes stuck because you’ve applied wax or gum. To remove such diamonds from the wrong position, you might need some external help. Your pair of tweezers certainly comes handy in such scenarios as you can easily pull the wrong one. Also, you could always use the tweezers to determine the firmness of each of the diamonds.

Rinse the wax off the diamonds

Leaving the customized diamond painting just the way it’s designed could make it appear not very interesting. You could improve its overall appearance by cleaning the wax off the surface of the diamonds. An efficient way to go about this removal is by using a damp cloth on the piece. Choose a side of the board to clean from and ensure you don’t apply too much force while wiping the diamonds.

Final Thought

The process of creating a customized diamond painting is no small feat, and it’s one that requires a lot of accuracies. This article lists specific hacks that make the whole process quite seamless.


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